4 Haunted Hotels Near Myrtle Beach

By Marissa Polascak • October 07, 2015
The Pelican Inn in Pawleys Island, SC is notorious for Grey Man sightings.
The Pelican Inn in Pawleys Island, SC is notorious for Grey Man sightings.

Along the Grand Strand, the month of October brings out some of the best ghost stories and folklore. Among these stories are tales of spirits that haunt old hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area. While one would think that, with a history as rich as Lowcountry's, there would be a lot more properties on this list than there are, perhaps many hoteliers experience hauntings or ghostly activity yet keep that information private for fear of driving off potential guests. Either way, there seems to be an appeal about haunted properties, and, if you're interested in ghost hunting or some chilling stories, try visiting these properties next time you're in town.

Pelican Inn

The Pelican Inn is one of the top accommodation choices for those visiting Pawleys Island. While it is situated in a beautiful and serene setting, there have been several reports of paranormal acitivity here. Some stories include the ghosts of two Boston Terriers that haunt the property. It is said that the two dogs were owned by an old caretaker, and that one of the terriers swam out into the ocean to save a young boy's life. After this incident, the hero dog soon died. With a broken heart, the second dog passed away soon after.

Reports of a woman dressed in a gingham gown have also been made by those who work at the Pelican Inn.

Perhaps the most famous ghost lore tied to this inn, though, is the story of the Grey Man. Though there are many different accounts of the Grey Man, he is best known as a ghost who appears to people walking along the beach of Pawleys Island before a deadly hurricane or storm is about to occur. Those who work at the Pelican Inn have made claims of seeing the Grey Man frequently and, while it isn't exactly certain who he is, some think that he may be a former owner of the Pelican Inn.

Mansfield Plantation

The website for this Georgetown bed and breakfast doesn't mention anything about possibly seeing apparitions in your room if you stay there. Built in 1718, it is no surprise that this old property has a very rich history. In fact, Mansfield Plantation is considered one of the best preserved antebellum period rice plantations in America.

When staying at this 1,000 acre, pre-Civil War property, ghost hunters have captured EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) of disembodied voices pleading "don't leave me" in the North Guest House. Creepy, huh?

1790 House Bed and Breakfast Inn

Located in historic Georgetown, the 1790 House Bed and Breakfast Inn operated as a hotel for over two centuries. This property, however, is no longer serving guests as the house is up for sale. Maybe the owners decided to sell it due to the paranormal activity in the house, or maybe it just became too much work; who knows?

One report of ghostly activity involves a rocking chair in the "Rice Planter's Room." Guests and staff would often say that the rocking chair would rock back and forth on its own.

The Winds Resort Beach Club

Just north of the South Carolina/North Carolina border outside of North Myrtle Beach is the beautiful town of Ocean Isle Beach. Here is where The Winds Resort Beach Club can be found. Though this property isn't located on a haunted plantation or anything like that, there is certainly a ghost who haunts a cabin here.

Years ago, while staying at The Winds Resort Beach Club, a man named Sam had a heart attack and passed away on the property. Well, it seems as if Sam never left because guests and staff often see his ghost, or feel his presence via cold spots and things moving on their own such as window shades opening and closing without explanation.