Elevator etiquette tips: Avoid these faux pas on your next trip

By emerson • July 14, 2015
Your transportation friend, the elevator. It's best to be nice to it, and the other people you ride with.
Your transportation friend, the elevator. It's best to be nice to it, and the other people you ride with.

Elevators are a big part of most Myrtle Beach vacations, because let’s face it – unless you’re on the first floor or just enjoy walking up and down the stairs, you’re going to be on one several times during your stay.

While most visitors have a good idea of how to handle themselves in public, there are those who break all sorts of etiquette rules on the daily.

So if you or someone you know needs a few pointers of what not to do on an elevator while in Myrtle Beach, check out this article and do your best to respect your fellow riders in the future.

If the Elevator is Full, Don’t make it Fuller

Not only is it rude to squeeze yourself or your family onto an already full elevator, it’s also dangerous. And in the grand scheme of things, it’s not going to kill you to wait on the next car to arrive. The typical elevator car in Myrtle Beach has a maximum limit of 2,500 pounds. Do not stay on a car that you suspect might be exceeding that number.

Press the Right Button and Only the Right Button

Somewhere on the Grand Strand, some prankster is pressing the button for every floor of the hotel, even though he/she has no reason to be doing so other than inconveniencing the unsuspecting elevator rider who gets on next. It’s not cool to make other people’s vacations more annoying. It’s just not.

Shhhh – It’s Not a Library, But It Isn’t a Nightclub, Either

Actually, go ahead and treat it like a library. Feel free to greet fellow riders, but do so with a minimal amount of volume. As a vacationer in Myrtle Beach, you should avoid speaking above normal levels at all costs while riding an elevator.

If You Have Something Smelly, Get Your Own Elevator Car

Indian food, sautéed onions, fish, hot dogs – if you’ve picked up a meal somewhere and are bringing it back to your room, don’t climb onto the elevator with other people – just wait for your own. Unless you have pizza. Everyone loves the smell of a good pizza.

Limit Phone Calls

In the case of emergency, it’s completely acceptable to be talking on your cell phone pretty much anywhere in the world. But if it’s not something urgent, keep your voice down or just wait until you get off the elevator to make or resume a call.

People on the Car Have the Right of Way

The polite thing to do is to let the people who are on the elevator exit before you enter. This doesn’t always happen, due mostly to overly-excited visitors not paying attention to their surroundings. That said, one important rule of thumb for vacationing in Myrtle Beach is to pay attention to your surroundings.

Stand in One Place, Do Not Jump Up and Down

Elevators are not magic boxes that maneuver up and down on their own. They’re connected to cables, and if people on the car make too many wild movements, the cables will tangle and the elevator will become stuck, at best. On a good day, it takes roughly half an hour for the repair person to come and fix the problem. Is that really how you want to spend valuable vacation time?

Step Out to Accommodate the People Exiting

When the elevator is full, moving from the back of the car to the exit can be difficult if everyone just stands in place. If you’re at the front, take a couple of steps forward to make the process easier for those getting out on their floor.

Hold the Door When Necessary

It could be that someone trying to board the elevator is having trouble with something they are carrying. Or maybe they have a small child that is less than enthusiastic about getting on. Whatever the case, try holding the door one of two ways – with your strong arms, or with the “Door Open” button.