Reasons Why Myrtle Beach is Better than Daytona Beach

By emerson • March 01, 2017
In Myrtle Beach, families love having fun on the oceanfront sand. In Daytona, cars drive up and down the beach pretty much all day.
In Myrtle Beach, families love having fun on the oceanfront sand. In Daytona, cars drive up and down the beach pretty much all day.

Aside from the famous NASCAR race that makes its way through the town every year, there aren’t many reasonable argument points for choosing Daytona Beach over Myrtle Beach. In fact, we can’t name one.

It just seems like whatever they do, we do better – shopping, resorts, golf, restaurants, everything else.

In the end, there are reasons that Myrtle Beach attracts six million more visitors than Daytona each year.

Here are some of them.


According to U.S. News & World Report, Myrtle Beach ranks 4th on the list of Best Family Beach Vacations in the USA, wedged in-between Maui and Honolulu. The list factored in safe waters, kid-friendly attractions, dining options, spacious accommodations, multi-generational appeal, and overall accessibility. Daytona, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found on any family-friendly lists.

Broadway at the Beach

South Carolina’s favorite Travel Destination sits in the heart of Myrtle Beach waiting for visitors to come explore the wealth of dining, shopping, and entertainment options at the 350-acre complex. Daytona has a parking garage-looking structure known as Ocean Walk Shoppes where you can pick up a tank-top at some place called Point Break Resort Wear.


Daytona pales in comparison to the “Golf Capital of the World,” but so does pretty much everywhere else. We could talk about magazine ratings and rankings until the seagulls come home (Myrtle Beach was recently ranked no. 1 on USA Today’s Best Golf Destination 10Best list), but the simple truth is that the area has exponentially more 4-Star courses than Daytona even has in total. Dunes Golf & Beach Club, Barefoot Resort, Grande Dunes, Pine Lakes, Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, Myrtlewood, Myrtle Beach National, True Blue – you get the picture.

Cars on the Beach

The last thing we’d want to hear or see while enjoying a relaxing day on the beach is a bunch of cars and trucks driving around. What might seem like a cool niche is really more of an annoyance – how would you like to have sixteen year-olds barreling past you in their parent’s vehicles while you’re trying to get a tan and listen to the low roar of the waves?


Myrtle Beach has its share of crime, but it’s mostly contained in two small areas and if you stay with the crowds, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be the target of a criminal. That’s apparently not true for Daytona Beach. ranked the Florida beach the seventh most dangerous small city in the country. So while Myrtle Beach prides itself as one of the most family-friendly beach destinations on the East Coast, Daytona cannot claim the same.

Live Entertainment Venues

This will sound boastful, but the Grand Strand is home to so many award-winning live entertainment venues and shows that you could spend every night of the week at the theater and not catch them all. Whether you’re into the tribute artists at Legends in Concert, the national and regional touring acts at House of Blues, or the song, dance, and laughs of the shows at Alabama Theatre, The Carolina Opry, and Palace Theatre, the options for live entertainment in Myrtle Beach outnumber anything going in Daytona Beach.

The Internet Says So


As a beachside resort, Myrtle Beach is expected to have plenty of places to enjoy fresh seafood. And we do, in pretty much whatever setting you’d like – at a buffet among fellow travelers, at a white tablecloth restaurant with a date, in a bar with a cold beverage, or at one of our restaurants at the piers. But that’s not all – the culinary scene in Myrtle Beach has made great strides in recent years, seeing the arrival of expert sushi restaurants, farm-to-table Lowcountry fare, tapas-style eateries, fast casual concepts, and many other delicious and trendy spots where you can find a bite of whatever you’re in the mood for.


According to Forbes, the most likely place in the world to encounter sharks is Florida, and, more specifically, Volusia County, home of Daytona Beach. While we don’t want to scare anyone out of the beautiful Atlantic (seriously, shark attacks are incredibly rare), this is just one more reason that Myrtle Beach is a better option for your vacation.