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Home to some of the best live performance shows on the Grand Strand for over 27 years, The Calvin Gilmore Theater brings you the a musical variety experience that will keep you coming back year after year. Sit and marvel at the musical phenomenon featuring a cast of the nation's top singers, dancers, comedians and musicians in three unique live productions, The Carolina Opry, Good Vibrations, and The Carolina Opry Christmas Special - or be mesmerized by the choreographed musical lighting of LIGHT Laser Extravaganza.

The Carolina Opry is two hours of high energy entertainment that blends humor and dancing with everything from rock 'n roll to country and much more.

Good Vibrations is flash back in time highlighting the memorable musical moments from the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties that we all love.

The Carolina Opry Christmas Special and its award-winning cast bring a holiday production fusing traditional holiday  favorites with a new age flair.

And don’t forget to check out the LIGHT Laser Extravaganza. Sit in awe as the vibrant colors and movement from the lasers are coupled with music in a themed production creating an unforgettable experience.



Carolina Opry showcases an array of entertainment under one roof

The Marvelous Wonderettes – Live Entertainment in Myrtle Beach

Good Vibrations Show, Not to Be Missed

Myrtle Beach is a Southern seaside treasure worthy of discovery


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