Best Beach Exercises to do on Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

Best Beach Exercises to do on Your Myrtle Beach Vacation

Looking to keep up with your workout routine while you’re on vacation in Myrtle Beach, but don’t want to be stuck in a boring, unfamiliar gym? There’s the beach for that! Working out on the beach can be rewarding in more ways than one – from the resistance provided by sand and water to the healthy outdoor atmosphere, it’s definitely the place we recommend working out while in town.

Check out these best beach exercises to do on your Myrtle Beach vacation:

  • Walking: Like to take it easy? Walking is definitely a stress-free exercise to do on the beach. Whether you walk a mile or more, walking in the sand is better than walking on flat ground due to the resistance from the sand. Want to add a little extra to your walk? Try bending over and picking up shells in sets to work those abs!
  • Running: Take walking up a notch by running on the sand! Running forces your body to burn 1.6x more energy than running on a hard surface due to resistance. Enjoy a great workout along with a beautiful view and a nice ocean breeze.
  • Biking: Another exercise that is good for all skill-levels is riding a bike on the beach. Hop on a beach cruiser and pedal along the coast while listening to the waves crash against the shore.
  • Surfer Get-Ups: Never heard of this exercise? It’s pretty simple, really. If you’ve ever seen a surfer get up into a standing position on a board, then you know how to do this exercise. Start off in a plank position with your stomach touching the sand. Then, thrust yourself up into a squatting position. Repeat these steps while alternating your lead leg.
  • Swimming: This one is just self-explanatory. Make your way into the ocean and swim your heart out! Swimming is known to be one of the best workouts you can do, as you’re using almost every single muscle in your body. Add in the current and waves from the water and you’ve got a great calorie burning, muscle-toning session on your hands.
  • Lunges: Lunges are perfect to do at the beach. For a good workout, start off doing lunges in the sand, and then make your way into the water. Find a good spot where you’re about knee-deep in the ocean and proceed to do some more lunges. The resistance from the sand and the water make this work out well-worth doing!
  • Beach Chair Pull: This one sounds a little silly, but we promise it’s a good workout! Set up your beach chair like normal. Then, stand with your back facing the chair. Bend at the knees, reach down behind you, and grab the bottom of the chair. Next, run forward and drag the chair behind you through the sand. This is a great shoulder exercise and is perfect for circuits.
  • Sand Skips: This exercise sounds exactly like what it is – skipping through the sand. We’re not talking little girly skips, we’re talking about throwing yourself as high into the air as possible with each skip, landing softly into the sand, which will provide added resistance.
  • The Beach Crawl:  This is another exercise that sounds exactly like what it is. Start off in a planking position and crawl forward on your hands and feet for 30 seconds at a time. You can also move backwards or from side to side. This is best on dry sand.
  • Land and Sea: This is a fun yet challenging exercise that utilizes the whole beach. Start off inland where the sand begins, and run in a large circle that loops you into the water. This way, you’re running from the sand to waist deep in the water, and back out to the sand again. Keep going and you’ll definitely start to feel the burn!