Bring Your Appetite and Your Appetite for Battle to Medieval Times Myrtle Beach

Bring Your Appetite and Your Appetite for Battle to Medieval Times Myrtle Beach

The crowd parts as buglers announce the arrival of the king, who elegantly strides into the castle’s cavernous waiting room and allows his adoring fans to admire him. Everywhere you look, children are brandishing toy swords and shields from the gift shop, fully-grown men are wearing tiny tights, and time-period-inappropriate frozen cocktails are being served in heavy take-home steins. For anyone who loves the romance of Cinderella and the drama of “Game of Thrones”, Medieval Times is one can’t-miss Myrtle Beach activity.

The Show: The audience is divided up into sections to cheer for each of the knights as they gallantly strut around the arena on horseback, wearing their signature colors. They compete in games of skill to win the affection of the princess, showing off their abilities to joust on their prized steeds, duel hand-to-hand, and command a bird of prey. There isn’t a bad view in the house thanks to the tiers of seating, and the knights work hard to make sure all ages in the audience get involved. By the end of the show, you’ll feel like you have a stake in whether or not your knight wins the hand of the princess!

The Food: It’s delicious, and it’s plentiful. Your knowledgeable server will first bring a bowl of tomato bisque with a slice of crunchy, buttery garlic bread. An oven-roasted half-chicken on the bone, sweet buttered corn, and an herbed baked potato follow for the next course (don’t fret, vegetarians–there are separate options for you). A pastry completes the meal, along with your choice of beverage. The best part is that you’re not only encouraged but required to eat it all with your hands.

The Tickets: The meal and entertainment will run you $55.95 for adults and $28.95 for kids 12 and younger, plus tax and processing, but you can often find discounts through deal-a-day websites or through the Special Offers page on the Medieval Times site. There are also various packages you can buy to upgrade your experience.

Special occasions are perfect to celebrate at Medieval Times, but a trip to a castle complete with lords and ladies, kings and princesses, makes any day pretty special. Your visit to Myrtle Beach will be all the more memorable if your morning coffee is enjoyed from a Medieval Times commemorative beer stein every day thereafter.