Christmas in Myrtle Beach: What to Bring to Make Your Rental Feel Like a Home


Traveling to a special destination for Christmas is becoming more popular every year. More and more people are enjoying the freedom and the stress relief that comes when you head to the beach, rather than cram into each others’ homes for the holidays. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t still want to have that special holiday feeling while on Christmas morning. So to help you achieve the perfect balance, here are a few ideas on what to bring to make your holiday villa or condo feel like a home-away from home for the holidays.

1. Bring a small tree.
We’re not saying it has to be a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and we’re also not suggesting you go full-on Clark Griswold and try to cut down your own tree and carry it into your rental unit. Instead, find a small artificial tree that you can plug in and set somewhere. Even if it’s only a foot tall, it’ll make you feel more festive!

2. Don’t forget the stockings.
You may have to hang them from the balcony with care, but they’ll help make your trip feel more like Christmas! Just don’t forget to bring a few things to tuck inside the stockings, too.

3. Don’t forget your Christmas robe and slippers.
Shuffling out of bed and putting on a cozy robe and slippers is a holiday tradition too good to give up. We can smell the coffee (and cinnamon rolls, too – bake your own in your room!) already …

4. Is the trip a gift? Still bring something small to unwrap.
Often, couples “give each other” a trip as a Christmas gift, and we think that’s a wonderful idea. But even when you’re getting a gift of travel for Christmas, most of us still appreciate something small to open on Christmas morning. It doesn’t have to be a diamond bracelet (though who would turn one of those down …), but a small token will make the morning feel special. Especially when you unwrap the gift and then sit back to enjoy your amazing ocean view ….