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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – the ultimate family tourist destination on the East Coast. A warm, friendly environment perfect for people of all ages, not to mention a diverse, exciting beach community that’s surrounded by almost 60 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. But hey, you already knew that! Let’s dive into some other fun facts about the Grand Strand that you may not know – past and present.

A Piece of History
If you’ve been visited Myrtle Beach in the past, you know that the primary way in or out of town is traveling on Highway 501. This main highway was also the first road between Conway and Myrtle Beach and was completed in 1914. In different phases of its evolution, this endless stretch of road was made of sand, and wasn’t paved until 1929. While it’s known today as Highway 501, it was once called Broadway Street

So. Much. Golf.
Known as the seaside golf capital of the world and also critically acclaimed to be the miniature golf capital of the world, Myrtle Beach hosts more than 100 championship golf courses and dozens of miniature golf courses. These gorgeous greens account for more than 3.4 million rounds of golf played annually in the Myrtle Beach area.

Grab Your Binoculars
Among the countless quality parks along the Grand Strand, Huntington State Park is considered to be one of the best birding spots on the East Coast. Over 276 species of birds have been seen and recorded in the 2,500-acre park. Simply put, if you’re one that enjoys bird watching and an adventure, Huntington State Park is a perfect spot to experience any time of the year.

Local Creatures
Head south for delicious food, entertainment and a bit of local peculiarity. Just beyond the beautiful MarshWalk and inlet water lays a small outlying island where a local Murrells Inlet restaurant owner keeps his pet goats during the warmer months. Entertaining guests and locals alike, these creatures nestle cozily in the middle of the Inlet, a spot not only famous for the seafood, but also the hospitality.

The Bowery
Smack dab in the middle of downtown Myrtle Beach right off of Ocean Boulevard is one of the oldest bars in town – The Bowery. The Bowery was home to the infamous country music group, Alabama, who once played for tips as the house band before embarking to Nashville. The band later landed a record label and opened the legendary tourist attraction, Alabama Theatre at Barefoot Landing in 1993.

Care to Buy a Vowel?
Some of the greatest stars in the world come from all parts of the U.S., and every once in awhile; we stumble across a celebrity that hails from our very own hometown. Myrtle Beach is no different. Born in Conway, and later moved to North Myrtle Beach before first appearing on television in 1980 was none other than Wheel of Fortune hostess, Vanna White. Anyone think she may retire back to her home roots on day? We’ll keep our eye out!

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