Driving to Myrtle Beach: Road Trip Games


Some of the best memories from family vacations when you’re a kid don’t even involve the destination. While there are plenty of great memories from the beach, sometimes those in-between moments you spend with your family can be great times to enjoy each other’s company.

One way to enjoy your time together while you’re getting to your family vacation in Myrtle Beach is to play road trip games in the car! Not only can it be fun, but there’s also the added benefit of distracting your kids from boredom to cut down on the “are we there yet” line of questioning.

Here are a few of our favorite games to play in the car:

• The license plate game.
There are a few variations on the license plate game, differing for the ages of your kids. For kids who are a little older, try the build-a-word or build-a-phrase game. Pick a license plate and look at the letters. Let’s say you see a license plate with the letters “UNL”. That could be unlimited, until, or funnel. “MRT” could become Myrtle Beach. You can also “collect” plates from different states on your trip, or, for younger kids, have them find letters of the alphabet starting with A and ending with Z.

• 20 questions.
Here’s how to play 20 questions: The first person picks an object, and everyone else in the car tries to figure out what the object is by taking turns asking questions. Generally, the first question is “animal, vegetable, mineral, etc.” Afterward, questions should be answerable with a “yes or no.” Once you make it to 20 questions, everyone gets one more shot at guessing. Whoever guesses the object correctly gets to start the next round by picking the object, and if your object isn’t guessed, you win that round!

Town, Land, River
If your kids are old enough to have notebooks in the car, try this educational game. For each letter of the alphabet, every player (the driver will have to sit this one out, but can moderate and play along in the discussion portion) writes down a town, a land, a river, an occupation and a name that begins with that letter. The first to finish calls stop, and then each items is read out loud to assure it’s a good answer. You can award points if you’d like, with more points for unique answers.

Share your ideas! What games does your family play in the car? Share your ideas in the Myrtle Beach travel forum.