Five Tasty Ways to Go Gluten-Free in Myrtle Beach


It's now easier than ever to go gluten-free in the Grand Strand thanks to the expanding menus of various Myrtle Beach restaurants. And more restaurants mean more options for those trying to avoid the “g word.”

Going gluten-free used to mean trying to find a restaurant that offered such items. Now it means choosing which Myrtle Beach hot spot to visit. From seafood restaurants to Southern cooking cafes, many of the best restaurants have added gluten-free dishes to their menus. Here are some of the best new additions to the G-F lineup:

* Seafood: There's nothing wrong with fresh seafood as it comes from the ocean, it's what humans add to it that can cause problems for folks with gluten allergies. But several Myrtle Beach seafood eateries have stepped up to the plate for folks with dietary restrictions. Popular seafood spots such as the Sea Captain's House and Mr. Fish offer gluten-free dishes on a daily basis and most of your favorite dishes on the regular menu can be prepared gluten-free.

* Fine Dining: Going gluten-free doesn't mean you can't go to some of the Strand's most upscale establishments. Fine-dining favorites like Croissants Bistro & Bakery are on board with the G-F trend, breaking out a special menu and even offering gluten-free baked goods to go. Aspen Grille in Myrtle Beach and Chestnut Hill on Restaurant Row is famous for its fine food, and its menu now features fixed G-F options as well as daily specials.

* International: Contrary to popular belief, eating gluten-free does not mean flavor-free. That's especially true at some of Myrtle Beach's restaurants serving international cuisine. Asian-fusion favorites Black Thai and // have gluten-free and vegetarian options. Travinia Italian Kitchen has transformed some of its classic dishes to gluten-free.

* Casual: For everyday meals like breakfast and lunch, several local diners and cafes have made the G-F conversion. Eggs Up Grill offers gluten-free choices for breakfast and lunch, and an unlikely sources such as Cheeseburger in Paradise, named for Jimmy Buffett's anti-health food craze anthem, now offer gluten-free buns and a dedicated deep fryer for G-F items.

* Pizza: The toughest thing about going gluten-free for many is giving up pizza, but a few parlors have jumped on G-F bandwagon in recent years. The Mellow Mushroom has the most alternatives, and Ultimate California Pizza has added a Rosemary Whole Wheat crust with lots of vegetarian toppings.

Are there any options you know of that we missed?  Let us know!

(posted 3/21/14)