How to Eat Healthy During Your Myrtle Beach Vacation


You know the vacation eating routine: Grab a few doughnuts for breakfast, chow down on a greasy burger and fries for lunch and then stuff you face full of seafood and hushpuppies for supper. Oh, and don’t forget the late-night ice cream cone.

It’s very easy to pack on a few pounds while you’re away from home for no other reason than convenience. After all, who wants to spend precious vacation time hunting for healthy alternatives? Surprisingly, lots of people don’t but just aren’t sure how. Here are a few pointers for eating healthy during your Myrtle Beach getaway:

Be sure to book a room with a fully furnished kitchen for making meals in the room. Not only will this save you a few bucks, but you can also be sure your family gets a healthy, balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner rather than ordering pizza and pigging out on fattening snacks. Most resorts also feature exercise rooms and fitness centers to work off those added vacations pounds.

Start your trip with a grocery run, not for salty treats and sugary sweats but also for some fresh fruit and veggies. Slice up a watermelon, cantaloupe or honey-dew melon and let the family snack all week. Buy some nuts, popcorn and carrot and celery sticks instead of those bags of starchy snacks. They won’t go bad in a week and your kids just might surprise you.

When you do go out for a nice meal, be smart. For instance, you can go to a seafood buffet and eat nothing but steamed shrimp and crab legs. As long as you don’t pile on the starchy breads and sweet desserts – or dip your dinner in too much drawn butter and cocktail sauce – you’re packing on healthy protein that you can burn off on the beach.

Going for a walk on the beach is not only good for the mind; your body could use a little exercise as well. Start your day or end your night with a 20- to 30-minute stroll along the ocean and you can walk off any excess weight you might have gained during your getaway. 

You can work up an incredible thirst just being outside on the beach all day, and how you decide to quench it is key. Stock the cooler with bottled water instead of sugary soft drinks. Not only is it better for you, but it also tastes better to a dry throat.

(posted 6/25/14)

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