How to Hire a Beach Photographer for Your Myrtle Beach Vacation


Vacations are a great time to get family photos—especially beach vacations. The whole family’s together and having a great time, you’re all in great moods, and maybe you’ve even gotten a bit of sun (just watch out for sunburns!). But when you’re out of town it can be hard to know exactly where to turn for great photos.

Here are some tips for hiring the right photographer so you can capture the kind of family vacation photo that you’ll look back on happily for years.

Check out some websites
This is one of the beautiful things about our online-connected world: Photographers’ websites make it much easier to shop without having to rely on word of mouth. Look not only for a good website with samples, but see if you can tell how long the photographer has been in business. You need to know whether you’re hiring a pro or a hobbyist.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references
If you’re making a major investment, or if this is a rare opportunity that your whole family will get together, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the experience you want. So don’t be afraid to email your photographer candidates and ask for references.

Know what’s covered
There can be a wide variety in the actual photo packages you’ll get. Some questions to ask: How and when will the photos be delivered? What digital format will the photos be in? What kind of processing is done? Are any prints included?

Go social
There are plenty of Myrtle Beach family photographers to choose from. When you’re searching, check sites such as Facebook to find photographers who have active and happy client bases. You’ll learn a lot about a photographer by watching how he or she interacts with prospective and past clients online.

Have you hired a photographer in Myrtle Beach? What tips do you have?

Posted 9/15/13

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