Make the most of your Myrtle Beach vacation photos


Smartphones have made vacation easier than ever, and nowhere is that more true than in the world of photos. We've collected a few of the best apps for sharing, customizing and improving your vacation photos so all of your Myrtle Beach memories will be captured perfectly.

For sharing photos
Instagram is one of the best ways to immediately share your vacation pics with your friends and family. Snap a picture from the app itself or grab one from your camera roll, and share it instantly with those who follow you on this popular social image platform. Your pictures will be public, but you choose who can and can't follow you on Instagram.

The fun thing about Instagram is the wide array of filters you can use to change the “mood” of your photos. Old-school Polaroid? Check. Vintage black-and-white? Of course. High-def colors? Yep. Add frames and captions if you like, and you can geolocate the picture on Foursquare.

For Android and iPhone. Free.

For creative minds
Camera+ is a fun app that turns your camera into a creative photo studio.

You can set the exposure and focus point by touching the screen with two fingers, letting you adjust exposure to compensate for bright backgrounds. A built-in stabilizer will eliminate blur. And self-portraits are a breeze with the timer option, so no one in the family has to be left out of the photo.

Where Camera+ really shines, though, is in the effects. Manipulation options include settings for sunset, beach, portraits and nighttime. The clarity photo can sharpen your photo amazingly. One-touch effects can add all sorts of filters and moods to the pictures.

For Android and iPhone. $1.99.

For pro touchups
Snapseed offers pro-level photo adjustment tools. You can sharpen details, create blur, adjust white balance, brighten dark images and much, much more. This is the app to use if you want to turn an ordinary vacation photo into something extraordinary.

And unlike some other photo apps, Snapseed lets you apply the adjustments selectively. For example, choose only one area of a photo — a dim shadow, for example — to add brightness to. Or sharpen details only in the face of a portrait shot. Using the app is easy, too — choosing tools is an up-and-down scroll, and applying them is a matter of scrolling side-to-side.

For Android and iPhone. Free.

(posted 7/1/14)