Myrtle Beach is Heaven for Hot Dogs


Ah, the good ol' American hot dog. Slap it on a bun, squirt it with mustard and catsup and you've got the perfect hand-held, summertime treat you can eat on the go.

But all dogs are not created equal. You've seen the red-dye, mystery-meat missiles that have been spinning around on the convenience store grill for who knows how long. Those are bad doggies. Here are five places on the Grand Strand to find that perfect dog with all the great fixings:

* Peaches Corner: For more than 75 years this Ocean Boulevard institution has been serving up good food hot off the grill, and the hot dog is still a staple of the menu. Try the Classic Foot Long, or get adventurous with the Bruiser, a beer-battered and deep-fried dog wrapped in bacon. If you've got a hearty appetite and lots of napkins, get the Big Peach, a half-pounder topped with mustard, chili, onions and slaw.

* OD Lounge: Longtime visitors on North Myrtle Beach can follow their noses to this Ocean Drive eatery. Famous for being the home of the shag, South Carolina's state dance, OD Lounge is only slightly lesser known for its delicious hot dogs and corn dogs, which are made on the spot. A hot dog is dredged through a thick batter and deep fried to create a hot and crispy crust.

* Sam’s Corner: With locations in Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island, visitors can try this classic dog no matter what side of the Strand their staying, or how late they’re staying up. Open 24 hours a day for more than 75 years, Sam's Corner cooks their all-beef foot-longs on a flat-top grill and steams the buns so that the dog is the star. Sam's also can pile on the toppings and serve you a cold beer.

* Myrtle Beach Pelicans: There’s nothing like a hot dog at a baseball game. They just seem to go together. Of course, a fully loaded dog can cost you a pretty penny at the ballpark … unless you go to Pelicans Ballpark on Wiener Wednesday. For only $0.25 a dog, fans can feast for only a fistful of dollars. Add your own toppings of mustard, catsup, onions and relish at the self-serve station.

* Nathan’s Famous Frankfurters: Closing in on its 100th anniversary, this national chain started as a single hot dog stand on Coney Island and now has stores in all 50 states. Myrtle Beach recently added Nathan’s to its lineup on the south side of town. In addition to offering all the usual toppings, Nathan’s also has sauerkraut, red onions and salsa.

(posted 5/14/14)

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