Myrtle Beach on a Budget


Just because you’re not loaded doesn’t mean you don’t still deserve a great vacation. We get it—and we’re here to help.

Even when you’re on a budget with your vacation, there are still plenty of ways to have a great time in Myrtle Beach. All it takes is a little extra care to make sure that you get the most bang for your vacation buck!

Here are a few tips:

Consider coming outside of peak season
Fall and spring are both great times to come visit Myrtle Beach, and not just because the crowds and traffic are mellower. It’s also a great time to visit because hotel rates are lower, as it’s a simple case of supply and demand.

• Connect socially to find great deals
Follow your favorite Myrtle Beach hotels and attractions on social media sites. Keep a close eye on them in the months leading up to your trip, because there are often social media-exclusive deals and sales on these sites. (You can find our Myrtle Beach hotels deals on Facebook here).

• Cut back on restaurants
You don’t have to eat every meal in a restaurant when you travel. Get a room with a fridge and buy sandwich stuff for lunches and bring your lunch to the beach. Cereal will work for breakfast, and so will protein bars and fruit. Cutting back on your restaurant spending can really help you stay within your vacation budget.

• Find fun and free things to do in Myrtle Beach
From the beach itself to the boardwalk, there are plenty of things to do in Myrtle Beach that won’t cost you a dime. It takes discipline to say no to souvenirs and trinkets, to be sure, but don’t slash your budget down to nothing. It’s not realistic to think you won’t buy anything to take home—and it’s also not any fun!

• Look carefully at beach rentals
It may be tempting to simply rent beach chairs and umbrellas from lifeguards, but look at the total cost over the duration of your trip. It might be more cost-effective to buy and bring your own.

What else? Share your tips for having a great Myrtle Beach vacation when you’re on a budget!

Posted 7/17/13

Myrtle Beach Hotel Deals & Specials

Myrtle Beach Hotel Deals & Specials