Myrtle Beach Vacation Tips: Forget the Gym, Work Out on the Beach!


When you’re on vacation, sometimes the last thing you want to do is go hang out in a resort fitness room. Fortunately, there’s a great antidote to the treadmill blues: Work out on the beach! The softer surface of sand actually makes for a more challenging workout, plus you get to do it with a spectacular view!

And there’s plenty more that can be done on the beach … here’s a great beach workout that will get your blood flowing and help you feel strong and ready to seize the day—or help you atone for a few caloric crimes you may have committed while you were soaking up some sun poolside.

• Sand jog

Start by warming up with a jog. Jog in the sand parallel to the water—pick a landmark to run to and run back to your starting point. Shoot for something about 30 yards down the beach, and keep in mind that the farther from the water you are, the harder your jog will be.

• Plank

Start on the sand on your hands and knees, making sure your hands are directly below your shoulders. Push off and lift your knees so your body is held up by just your hands and feet—don’t let your shoulders slouch. Make sure to keep your abs tight and hold for 30 seconds. Release then repeat as many times as you’d like.

• Beach sit-ups

Another way to add a bit of a challenge to your workout is to do your sit-ups with your back to the water—it only adds a slight incline to the sit-up, but you’ll feel it!

• Sand lunches

Start with your hands on your hips and your feet shoulder-width apart, then take a full step forward with one foot. At this point, your front leg and your back leg should both be at a 90-degree angle. Keep your abs tight and your upper body aligned straight up and down. Now step forward with the back leg into the same lunge in reverse. Move forward in these lunge-steps the same distance as your jog, then back again.

• Beach push ups

Like with the beach sit-ups, give yourself an added challenge by facing with your head toward the water so that you’re at a slight incline. If you have something to prop your knees or feet on such as a sturdy beach chair, you can add even more resistance. If you need to adjust, face the opposite direction or do your pushups from your knees. Be sure to keep your body as straight as possible and keep your wrists in line with your shoulders.

Some additional exercises you can add to your beach workout: Swimming, jumping jacks, and water jogging—jogging parallel to shore in waist-deep water.

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Published 6/06/13