Myrtle Beach’s Past Finds A Home In Sea Captain’s House Restaurant


Call it Grand Strand history… with a view.

On an ever-evolving stretch of hotels, motels and dining options, Sea Captain’s House Restaurant in Myrtle Beach remains as much of a draw as the magnificent ocean it sits upon.

“It’s become a landmark in Myrtle Beach,” said Jennifer Neill, the eatery’s manager. “It’s the one place that is a must-stop.”

Known for its superb She-Crab soup and Sea Island Shrimp, as well as its family-friendly vibe, top-notch service and unequalled view, Sea Captain’s is a throwback to a classic Myrtle Beach era — and is an anchor in a community that has seen much in the way of change.

The charming shingled structure that would later become Sea Captain’s was built as a cottage in 1930 by Henry Taylor, a North Carolinian fond of vacationing on this seaside perch to his south. It passed through the hands of a couple of owners until Nellie G. Howard bought it in 1954, rented out rooms and provided meals, calling it Howard’s Manor.

But as times changed, vacationers’ tastes did as well. The charm and hospitality of a quaint guesthouse no longer held the appeal of the new, modern hotels that dotted the shore, and in 1962 the property was sold. The cottage was to be torn down and a high-rise motel would be built in its place.

Yet with the economy on shaky ground and financing in short supply, the new owners reopened the cottage as a restaurant with the intention of building that high-rise a couple years down the road.

That was over 50 years ago. The high-rise plans, needless to say, have been scrapped.

“Generation after generation have come back,” Neill said of the Sea Captain’s loyal customers. “We remain the same.”

Locals and visitors alike flock to the restaurant for everything it offers in the way of food, service and views, but also to revisit a time when life was simpler, slower, more family-oriented.
It’s what folks crave, Neill said, that familiarity and warmth.

And the soup — they also crave that She-Crab Soup.

“It’s part of Myrtle Beach,” Neill said of the bustling spot. “It’s home for a lot of people.”

For more information on Sea Captain’s House Restaurant and to make reservations, visit or call (843) 448-8082.

(posted 3/12/14)

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