Recipe of the Month: Sea Captains Sea Island Appetizer


Getting home from vacation can sometimes bring on the post-beach-blues. And many of us resort to staring longingly at the photos we took on vacation to help fight the “I-miss-the-beach” longings. But revisiting the sights of the beach isn't the only way to fight off your sadness—you can also recreate some of your favorite foods from Myrtle Beach! Just close your eyes and imagine the sounds of the surf … it’s better than therapy!

Here’s a great recipe from the number one seafood restaurant in Myrtle Beach, the Sea Captain’s House, the Sea Island Shrimp. This recipe is similar to a Central or South-American ceviche, in which an acidic liquid is added to seafood to “cook” the meat.

According to Andrew Gardo, the executive chef at Sea Captian’s House, “This recipe was traditionally made in the 1800s before refrigeration was widely available. The acid from the vinegar deconstructs the proteins in the shrimp and cooks it using no heat, keeping the flavors of the shrimp incredibly clean and fresh.”

One tip when you’re shopping for this recipe: Be sure to get the freshest shrimp you can find. The quality of your seafood makes all the difference.

This recipe makes enough shrimp for a party, if you’re serving a smaller group, be sure to reduce the recipe appropriately.

5 pounds local white raw shrimp peeled/deveined and tail removed
2 ½ cups of canola oil
2 ½ cups extra virgin olive oil
2 ½ cups apple cider vinegar
1 cup of capers
1 cup of sugar
6 oz. Tabasco sauce
4 oz. Worcestershire sauce
3 medium sweet white onions thinly sliced
In a mixing bowl combine all ingredients and refrigerate. Allow up to 24 hours for the acid from the vinegar to cook the shrimp. The shrimp should be pink and tender throughout when ready. Serve over a bed of lettuce with fresh vine ripe tomatoes.

And that’s it! Slightly sweet, just the right amount of tang, and with a touch of heat, you’ll love this shrimp as an appetizer or even as part of your main meal with a side of rice pilaf, and, if you really want to channel Sea Captain’s House, serve up some hushpuppies with the dish!

Posted 5/13/13

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