Lost a Ring? Looking for Treasure? Rent a Metal Detector in Myrtle Beach!


The miles of sandy beaches that make the Grand Strand one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country can also be pretty dangerous for some of our most precious items, especially rings. Fortunately, if you’ve lost a precious piece of jewelry at the beach, there are several options for tracking it down. You can either rent a metal detector—and while you’re at it, maybe seek out some unique treasures of your own—or even hire someone to search the area where you think your item went missing, and they can hunt it down for you.

Chris Van Atta co-owns Beach Metal Detectorist, which operates out of both Myrtle Beach and Wilmington, North Carolina. If you’re interested in renting a metal detector or having them search for your lost item on the beach, they’re here to assist. They can meet you at your hotel or right on the beach.

When it comes to finding lost items, “I’d say we have about a 90% success rate. But I ask the right questions. If they were way out in the breakers when they lost the ring, I’ll be honest that it might not be found. But if it’s in the sand or the shallows, if they know about where they lost it, we can usually turn it up,” he said. “Even in knee-high water. And we have a very good reputation. People who are just in town for the weekend will call us, and we’ll send them back their jewelry.” He said he’s often sent—certified—engagement rings worth thousands of dollars back to grateful owners.

If you’d rather rent your own detector to use on the beach, with the Beach Metal Detectorist, you’ll pay $75 for the first hour, $60 for the second, $50 for the third. Water detectors are $250 for three hours. The detectors can be rented from Oak Island and North Myrtle Beach all the way to Garden City Beach. Other options for metal detector rentals include Sunbelt Rentals.

According to the city of Myrtle Beach, metal detecting is allowed on beaches, but you may not climb or walk on sand dunes, and metal detecting is also not allowed in city parks.

(posted 12/4/13)