Seven Steps to an Awesome Memorial Day Weekend in Myrtle Beach


A magical Myrtle Beach Memorial Day weekend does not just happen, it takes planning. Not a ton of planning, mind you—this is Myrtle Beach, after all, one of the best vacation destinations around. But when we’re talking family vacations, awesomeness can be cultivated, and it only takes a few short steps.

1. Clean your house before you go. Don’t forget to make the beds with fresh sheets and DO NOT forget to take out the garbage and run the garbage disposal. You will thank yourself when you get home.
2. Book early for a great rate on a great resort. You can get some amazing deals on your Myrtle Beach hotel, but it’ll be harder if you wait until the last minute.
3. Look for a resort with the amenities you want onsite. Do your research in order to reap the awesome rewards! Once you arrive, you’re not going to want to leave the resort to go battle holiday traffic in order to go swimming, get to the beach or float a lazy river.
4. Bring walking shoes in addition to flip-flops. We know you’re thinking about the beach, that’s why you’re coming to Myrtle Beach for Memorial Day. But if you end up doing more walking, maybe along the Oceanfront Boardwalk and Promenade or to a nearby attraction, you may want something with a little bit more support.
5. While on the topic of packing: Do it carefully. Here are a few items that are often forgotten: Favorite pillows/special kids’ blankets or stuffed animals. Sunscreen. Beach chairs (these will be especially important if you plan to attend the Myrtle Beach Memorial Day Weekend Parade). Phone chargers.
6. Buy tickets to events and Myrtle Beach attractions in advance when you can. What have you promised the kids you’ll do while you’re in Myrtle Beach?
7. Make sure the kids (large and small) stay hydrated. A lot of grumpiness can be avoided if we remember to drink plenty of water—it’s as true for those who may have a couple of adult beverages as it is for kids. The whole family will be playing hard the holiday weekend, so keep the fluids flowing!

What are your top tips for assuring an awesome vacation? Any specific tips for Memorial Day weekend? Tell us in the Myrtle Beach travel forum.

Posted 3/14/13

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