Spray Tan Beach Tips: How to Make it Last!


Plenty of Myrtle Beach vacationers like to get a little leg up when it comes to their beach tan. A spray tan, also known as a mystic tan or a sunless tan, can be a great option for making sure you get the color you want for the beach without damaging your skin. But if you’re going to invest in a spray-on tan, you’ll want to get the most for your money.

We may not be tanning experts, but we dug around for a few different resources on tanning and collected these tips for making your tan last:

• Start with exfoliation.

Whether you do an automated, booth-style spray tan (such as the Mystic tan), a self-applied lotion or a hand-applied custom spray tan, exfoliate first. Removing the top layer of dead skin cells helps the tan adhere to your skin, resulting in a more even, longer lasting tan. 

• Don’t swim or shower right after your application.

You can tan before your trip or get your spray tan once you arrive in Myrtle Beach at salons such as Golden Sun Tanning Salon, Sunset Tanning and A Tan-In-A-Can Spray Tan. In fact, a touch-up while you’re here can be a great way to keep your tan going for the duration of a long trip without damaging your skin in the sun. But don’t get a sunless tan just before you go swimming or shower. You’ll want to stay as dry as possible post-spray, for at least a few hours and up to 24. The longer, the better.

• Once you do shower post-tan, be gentle!

To keep your spray tan looking fresh and golden, shower gently. No exfoliating, no harsh soaps and shave with a clean, sharp razor as infrequently as you can.

According to A Tan-In-A-Can Spray Tan’s spray tan maintenance info page, a few particular products tend to be trouble for tans, including: antibacterial soaps, witch hazel, wax or sugar hair removal products, depilatory hair removal products such as Nair, loofas and prolonged exposure to chlorine and salt water.

Also, after your shower, pat yourself dry with your towel, rather than scrubbing.

With the right care, your tan can last your entire Myrtle Beach vacation. And no one needs to know how you got it—we certainly won’t tell!

Posted 4/17/13

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