Take Home a Tattoo for your Myrtle Beach Souvenir


Everyone loves to take home a souvenir from Myrtle Beach. For some it’s sand, seashells or a hermit crab living inside of a miniature football helmet. For others, it’s a Myrtle Beach T-shirt with a wacky slogan, a beach towel or a pair of flip-flops.

But for the truly brave, and for those who want something that will last longer than a hermit crab, there’s a tattoos. What better way to remember your Myrtle Beach vacation than a permanent stamp on your skin with an image that conjures up memories of the trip, like a palmetto tree with a crescent moon, a dolphin leaping out of the ocean, or that bikini-clad girl at the pool you never worked up the courage to talk to. Whatever you prefer, local tattoo parlors can do it.

Here’s the funny thing about finding a tattoo parlor in Myrtle Beach: There are plenty of places to get your ink, but only one location – Seaboard Street. Because the tattoo industry is regulated by the state of South Carolina as a medical procedure facility that and requires certification, a local zoning ordinance requires all tattoo parlors to operate within a small, defined district.

In this case, it’s the 700 block of Seaboard Street, which stretches from 21st Avenue North near Broadway at the Beach to Coastal Grand Mall. The tattoo parlors are located along the strip malls in the industrial park side of town, between Highway 501 and Mr. Joe White Avenue, where there are no fewer than seven tattoo parlors. Some are even located side by side, giving customers plenty of options. Here are some of the more popular places to get your ink on:

Aces High Tattoo: This traditional-style tattoo parlor features a hot-rod theme and open booths for interaction and input among the artists and customers.

Bulldawg Ink: Need help picking out the perfect tattoo for you? Just check out the walls of this shop, which feature previous artwork by the staff as well as stock images that are available.

Dr. Ink Tattoos & Piercing: Arrive in style at this modern shop, which will send the company limo to pick you up and drop you off after your tattoo or piercing.

Elite Ink: This establishment offers comfortable couches while waiting your turn or shopping through art books, as well as the Aftercare Café for a drink and a bite to eat.

Pitbull Tattoo: An eclectic collection of experienced tattoo artists and fun environment make for a great experience for tattoo virgins and veterans alike.

(posted 7/23/14)
(Photo courtesy: www.pimfg.com)

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