Top 5 reasons to Choose Myrtle Beach Over Disney World

Top 5 reasons to Choose Myrtle Beach Over Disney World

You know the old song: “M-I-C … K-E-Y …M-O-U-S-E!”

Now discovery why others are singing a different vacation tune: “M-Y-R …T-L-E … B-E-A-C-H!”

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, recently named America’s No. 1 family vacation destination by various travel groups and media outlets, has much more to offer visitors than a mouse. Surrounded by a 60-mile stretch of beach known as the “Grand Strand,” Myrtle Beach has all the great attractions, accommodations, dining and shopping of Orlando, along with a few things you won’t find at Disney.

Here are five reasons to spend your next family vacation in Myrtle Beach:

• Beach: Ok, this one is obvious, but also critical. It’s more than 60 miles to the nearest beach from Orlando, while the Grand Strand has 60 miles of beach in its backyard. Walk a few steps to feel the sand and surf between your toes and enjoy the ocean breeze and view from your private balcony. Best of all, admission to the beach is free, a far cry from a $96 a day ticket to Disney.

• Cost: It’s not just those pricy Disney tickets that make Myrtle Beach more affordable than Orlando. With one of the lowest costs-of-living in the nation, the Grand Strand is ideal for families looking to get the maximum bang for their bucks. A 2013 U.S. News list of the “Best Affordable Destinations” said “Home to numerous golf courses, beaches and family-friendly attractions, Myrtle Beach's budget-friendly hotels and restaurants make a trip here even more enjoyable.”

• Distance: Like the old saying about real estate, Myrtle Beach has location, location, location. The Grand Strand is within a one-day drive of half of the US population. For folks with a one-week vacation, that means less time in the car and more time relaxing on the beach. The area also has some of the lowest gas prices in the nation. The Myrtle Beach International Airport also offers cheap flights from most major American cities.

• Golf: The Grand Strand has more than 100 golf courses with a 60-mile radius, including some of the top layouts in the Southeast, like the historic Dunes Golf & Beach Club, the award-winning Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, and TPC of Myrtle Beach. But the Grand Strand also offers dozens of more affordable courses, so there’s something for pros and Average Joes.

• Variety: Consider this the catch-all section for all the great things Myrtle Beach has to offer that we can’t fit into a top-five list. Excellent weather thanks to the cool ocean breeze, world-class hotels and resorts, outstanding dining and shopping, and beautiful nature and scenery. Whatever you’re looking for in a family vacation destination, you’ll find it in Myrtle Beach.