Top Five Reasons to Travel to Myrtle Beach in the Fall


We love Myrtle Beach in the fall—and so do many of our guests! Believe it or not, we have visitors who wouldn’t dream of coming to Myrtle Beach in the dog days of summer. And it’s hard to blame them!

Here are the top five reasons to travel to Myrtle Beach in the fall, in no particular order:

1. Say goodbye to sunburns
Sometimes the peak of summer in South Carolina is simply too hot. That’s why we love fall at the beach. The average Myrtle Beach temperature in September is a comfortably warm 85 degrees, which is still warm enough for swimming, but not so hot you get scorched and drained the second you walk outside.

2. Say hello to breathing room
Summertime crowds can be overwhelming when you’re in a popular destination like Myrtle Beach. But once fall arrives, the crowds thin, the roads open up, the sold out shows are suddenly offering discounts, and there’s just a little bit more elbow room. We like to think of it as a little more space to enjoy your vacation.

3. Fall golf
Fall is one of the best times of the year to enjoy the golf courses in Myrtle Beach. The weather is mild, it’s actually less rainy than it is in August, and tee times are plentiful.

4. Take advantage of great hotel rates.
Peak season also means peak prices—that’s why fall in Myrtle Beach is such a steal. You really can get an amazing room at a great rate after Labor Day.

5. Fall weather in Myrtle Beach is a dream.
If you’ve never been, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable the fall temps are in Myrtle Beach. The average high in October is 77 degrees! But even on the rare occasion that the weather is on the cool side, or if you catch a snap when the ocean is just on the chilly side of swimmable, most of the best Myrtle Beach hotels have great indoor and heated water attractions that make for splashy fun vacations.

These are just a few reasons so many love traveling to Myrtle Beach in the fall. Have you been to visit the area in autumn? Share your tips and recommendations!

Posted 9/6/13