What NOT to Bring to the Beach


Upon heading out for a vacation we check the weather, we check for airport delays, we check our hotel reservations. Rarely do we check what is legal or illegal at our destination. So consider this your little reminder that what might be allowed at home may not be here. Some of these might seem like common sense while others are more, “Well, I never would have thought of that!” So here’s a basic guide of what is NOT allowed on the Grand Strand’s beaches.

Definite No-Nos:

Alcohol: Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages on beaches is strictly forbidden. It’s not an easy rule to sneak around, either, due to law enforcement actively patrolling on four-wheelers. Save yourself a lot of hassle, money and legal woes and please leave it back at the hotel.

Glass: This is a public service if there ever was one. It’s intended to save the feet of your crew and everyone else on the beach, so use plastic bottles and containers instead.

Tents: Myrtle Beach recently instituted a ban on those large-canopy tents for safety reasons (they are an obstacle to law enforcement and lifeguards reaching those in need). Forgo the expensive, bulky tent and take a beach umbrella instead.

Bicycles: From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the summer months, all human-powered wheeled devices (this includes tricycles) are prohibited. They’re really, really hard to pack anyway.

Animals: Fido needs to stay at home between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. in the summer months. Outside of those times, dogs must be leashed and poops must be scooped. Reptiles, exotic animals and that pack of feral cats so many are wont to travel with (ha) are never allowed, however. We have an ecosystem to protect, of course. (Service animals notwithstanding.)

Fireworks: Independence Day revelers will have to cede to the authorities on this one. They are both a nuisance and a hazard. Don’t do it.

Grills/Fires: Starting a fire, even one in a charcoal or propane grill, is not allowed. The burgers will have to wait.

Vehicles: No cars on the beach? File this one under “well, duh.” But slightly less “duh” is the inclusion of golf carts, ATVs, motorcycles and similar motorized transport under that “vehicle” umbrella.


Suggested No-Nos:

Weapons: Not necessary, folks. This is a happy place.

Plastic bags: There are no laws against these (yet) but they're blight to beaches. They’re the first things to blow away from you and usually head straight for the water where they disrupt ecosystems and kill animals. Yikes! Use canvas bags and reusable plastic containers instead.

Loud music: Tunes make everything better — but not when cranked up to ear-splitting levels. If you insist on bringing a small stereo, keep the volume at a level that’s not going to be disruptive to the people next to you. And for the sake of the kids, keep the content clean.


Also of note:

While surfboards and kayaks are not prohibited outright, their use is governed by a few rules, as are flotation devices. Take a look here  before hanging ten.

What else? Anything you should definitely NOT bring to the beach? Let’s keep Myrtle Beach great for everyone!

(posted 6/26/14)