What to Splurge on When You Visit Myrtle Beach


When you’re on vacation and don’t have unlimited funds (that’s all of us, right?), you have to decide what to spend big on, and when to pinch your pennies. Everyone has a different approach to the question of where to splurge, but we have a few tips on our favorite splurges for a Myrtle Beach vacation:

• Jet Ski Tour
A jet ski tour can set you back several hundred dollars for one or two hour tour for a family, but they can end up being the highlight of your vacation. You don’t need experience, the guides will walk you through all of the safety precautions. The tours can also be great fun even if you don’t see any dolphins, but most offer up a guarantee, which means a voucher for another dolphin tour if you don’t encounter any of the sea mammals.

• Parasail
On the theme of water sports, parasailing can be an awesome way to see the sights and feel the sea breeze in your hair, but it is a bit of a splurge. In Myrtle Beach, a parasail ride begins on a banana boat as you’re taken through the surf to the boat. The crew straps you in to the parasail and away you go—and most also offer a dip into the ocean during your ride for a bit of fun. At more than $50 per person, it’s a splurge, but one that most riders find worth the cost.

• MagiQuest
This Broadway at the Beach attraction can be spendy, especially the first time you visit, since you’ll need to buy a wand for your players, as well as wand-toppers and other add-ons. But most agree that the choose-your-own-adventure-esque live action role-playing game is worth it for many kids, especially gamer-types. Keep in mind that parents have to pay to accompany their children, but if your kids are into fantasy adventures, this could be a big hit.

• Good seafood.
Look, we know cheap buffets are a big draw. But we’ll be honest, we prefer paying a little bit more for good seafood. There are plenty of options in Myrtle Beach that, while a bit of a splurge, are totally worth it. A few favorites: Sea Captain’s House, Mr. Fish, and, if you head down to Murrells Inlet, Capt. Dave’s Dockside.

What do you think? What splurges are worth the money when you visit Myrtle Beach?

Posted 7/18/13

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