Where to Fly a Kite in Myrtle Beach


Find out where to fly a kite in Myrtle Beach so that after the sandcastles, pool time, and beach reads are finished, you can still enjoy some fun in the sun. If you’re already on vacation when the urge to get out and fly a kite hits you, you’re in luck. The Myrtle Beach area offers many places to shop for kites of all kinds.

Broadway at the Beach is home to a specialty shop where you can pick up a new high-flying kite while on vacation. Klig’s Kites has many regular and stunt styles to choose from, with loads of designs, too. Some travelers even make it a tradition to buy a new kite each year as a souvenir. A popular style to buy is the triangular-shaped delta kite, which looks almost bat- or bird-like in the sky. These are easy to fly and keep airborne in a range of wind conditions. 

While your vacation resort will offer tons of amenities, and the area is loaded with things to do, you’ll be surprised how satisfying spending a day on the shore flying a kite can be for kids and adults. Follow our tips to get started, and learn where to fly your kite in Myrtle Beach to make the most of your new hobby. 

Getting Started: Flying a Kite

When you’re ready to join the kite-flying crowd, these basic principles will help make your flight a success:

  • Start simple: If you’re new to kite flying, start with a single-string kite. 
  • Pay attention to the weather: 5 to 15 mph wind is great for most delta and diamond kites, and about 8 to 25 mph wind is ideal for more complex styles.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Keep a respectful distance between yourself and others, and avoid proximity to structures, especially if you’re still honing your skills.

To pilot your kite, first stand with your back to the wind. Hold the kite up by the bridle point (where the flying line attaches to the kite) and let the line out. If there’s enough wind to fly, the kite should go up. To make the kite climb, let it fly away a little bit, then pull in on the line. Repeat until your kite is high enough to find steady wind. If the wind is light, you may need to deploy a two-person launch technique: The helper takes the kite downwind and releases it as the flier pulls the line hand-over-hand in order to gain altitude.

Places to Fly Your Kite in Myrtle Beach

When looking for places to fly a kite, the wide, sandy shoreline of Myrtle Beach is an obvious choice. We recommend somewhere that isn’t crowded, especially if you’re inexperienced. This will give you space to walk with your kite as it takes flight. If you want even more room, wait for a low tide so the beach is even more expansive, or walk some distance from the oceanfront resorts to find a more secluded area of Myrtle Beach to fly your kite. These quieter locations offer a more relaxing experience so you can admire the vibrant colors against the endless blue of the ocean and sky.

It is ok to fly your kite on the sand in Myrtle Beach as long as you do so mindfully, and do not distract or interfere with the lifeguards’ visibility; also avoid the sand dunes when looking for places to fly your kite because it is illegal to disturb or damage these protected areas of the beach. 

While you can fly kites on the shores of Myrtle Beach, other places you can try include the area’s parks. State parks and city parks often have the open spaces you need to successfully launch and fly a kite, and depending on the season, these areas may even be less crowded than the beaches. If you’re in a city park, watch out for playground equipment, power lines, and other structures your kite could become tangled in.

Myrtle Beach Kite Festivals

While you know Myrtle Beach is a destination for beachgoers and fishermen, you probably didn’t realize the kind of draw this area holds for kite enthusiasts. There are two kite festivals in Myrtle Beach that bring in professional kite pilots and novice fliers. Local spectators and Myrtle beach vacationers enjoy watching these magnificent displays streaking across the sky. If you’re in town during either of these events, add them to your itinerary:

Klig’s Kite Festival Myrtle Beach

This Myrtle Beach kite festival is held downtown, so you’ll probably be able to view these high-flying kites from the balcony of your Boardwalk hotel. Popular local store Klig’s Kites hosts this festival, and each year it has featured some impressive displays throughout the two-day event. If you’re visiting in October, save some room in your schedule on the 21st or 22nd to check out this festival.

Huntington Beach State Park Kite Festival 

This two-day kite festival in March will be held at Huntington Beach State Park, just 15 miles from Myrtle Beach. If you’re visiting the Grand Strand in March, this event is already in the works for 2024 and it’s planned for the 23rd and 24th. Past years’ festivals have featured food trucks, kite crafts, a petting zoo, and other fun activities.

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