Kilwins Myrtle Beach

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Satisfy your sweet tooth and experience the true flavor of freshness at Kilwins Myrtle Beach, a national chain with a distinct local feel.

Located at Broadway at the Beach, Kilwins is a familar name for folks across the country who love the house-made chocolates, ice cream and other tasty treats. But the Kilwins Myrtle Beach store has deep ties to the community, owned and operated by a former local police officer and his family. They stick to the company’s high standards for fresh delights made on site and the tradition of quality customer service since 1947.

Chocolate lovers will feel like they’re in heaven at this candy shop, as Kilwins uses bricks of pure chocolate to melt down into more than 75 different hand-crafted candies. Perhaps the most popular is the Mackinac Island Fudge, made to the specifications of the Kilwins’ family recipe. Offering Clusters, Brittles, Coated Nuts, Sea Foam and Truffles, Kilwins Myrtle Beach continues the founding family’s mission of using the best ingredients to yield the best treats.

For patrons looking for a cooler experience, Kilwins’ fresh ice cream hits the spot. Featuring more than 40 different flavors and an even longer list of toppings, Kilwins serves scoops of ice cream that literally melt in your mouth. Kilwins Myrtle Beach adheres to the same family recipes and exacting standards for freshness.

Visitors can take Chocolate Tours that lead groups step by step through the process of making their trademark treats the old-fashioned way. The kitchen features a series of stations that create mouth-watering sweets. Sample a broad array of chocolate treats while you see the Kilwins magic happen before your hungry eyes.

Take a break from your shopping experience at Broadway at the Beach and treat yourself to something good at Kilwins Myrtle Beach. Be sure to pick yp your favorite treat to take back home with you after your vacation.

Kilwins Myrtle Beach

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