Break Out Myrtle Beach

314 Main Street , North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Break Out Myrtle Beach

Put your mind to the test and visit Break Out Myrtle Beach! Join your friends and family and think outside the box to find your way out! Break Out Myrtle Beach features multiple different rooms, each with its own unique themes and playstyles. Each room varies and has different challenges. For each room, you and your group are given 60 minutes to solve numerous challenges and break out! Some of the various different fun playstyles you can choose from are shown below:

Red Beard’s Revenge:

You and your friends are your pirate crew. Work alongside your crew to solve various puzzles and challenges and beat the clock to find Red Beard’s treasure! Work together to past Red Beard’s tricks. Use your map and the countless clues along the way to reach the end where “X marks the spot.”

Serial Killer:

You and your friends are trapped in a serial killer’s house. Use your knowledge to escape the traps and rooms he has set out for you, and see if you can escape. You only have 60 minutes or you will meet your fate with the killer!

CSI Myrtle Beach:

There has been a murder in Myrtle Beach, and everyone is frightened in fear as the killer threatens to strike again. There is another life on the line so you and your team better work fast to uncover the murderer’s identity!

The Cannibal Collector:

Nineteen different people have gone missing from town in the span of only 1 week. Now, the entire search team has gone missing as well. The fate of the town rests on you and your team to solve the mystery. Unfortunately, you have already fallen into the cannibal’s trap, you haven’t found any missing bodies because he’s a cannibal! Alert the authorities of the cannibal and solve the case before the cannibal returns for dinner.

The Curse of Volcano Island:

On the way to your tropical island vacation, your plane suddenly crashes. You and your friends are stranded at sea and eventually float onto a nearby island. How will you notify the escape team and get off this island? Use your 60 minutes wisely and return to civilization!

Break Out Myrtle Beach

314 Main Street , North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

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