Myrtle Beach Family Golf

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Myrtle Beach Family Golf

Myrtle Beach Family Golf:

If you’re looking for the perfect miniature golf course for your family and friends, look no further than one of the multiple courses offered by Myrtle Beach Family Golf. Myrtle Beach Family Golf has the perfect course for everyone and has provided Myrtle Beach residents, visitors, and miniature golf lovers with the best golf experience! They offer up to 4 locations; be sure to visit them all!

Captain Hooks Adventure Golf- 2205 N Kings Highway

Off to Neverland! Visit Captains Hooks Adventure Golf for the best pirate-filled experience. Golfers can enjoy this challenging but fun course as they travel through Neverland alongside characters like Peter Pan, Tinker-bell and the lost boys! Captain Hook offers two different fun-filled courses- Hooks and Lost Boys. You can experience the loud banter of pirates, animated crocodiles, caves, and even a smoking skull as you golf! Each course features several par 3’s, and be sure to follow the course rules such as the demand to “Never Grow Up!” Before 6 pm rates are $9 per putter but are $10 after 6:00. For more information call (843)913-7851

Jungle Safari- 7101 N Kings Highway

Experience the jungle of Myrtle Beach as you putt your way through the Jungle Safari mini golf course! Perfect for all jungle or animal lovers, putters can experience golfing through various wildlife and stunning jungle views. Step into the jungle and take your chance at possibly becoming the King or Queen of the Jungle! Adults play for $12 per person and children play for $11 per child. Call (843) 315-0311 for more information.

Jurassic Golf- 2900 S Kings Highway

Experience mini golf in a whole new way! Travel back into prehistoric times and experience Jurassic Golf! Come play with the various dinosaurs of Myrtle Beach and putt through one of their two courses. They offer two courses, “Ice Age” and “Predator”, which feature 18 holes with winding paths. Be sure to play with a T-Rex and travel back into the Cave Times for a thrilling, unique mini golf experience! Adults can play for $12 each and children for $11 each. Don’t miss out on the fun, call (843)913-5333 for more information!

Shipwreck Island- 3301 S Ocean Boulevard

Ahoy! You’ve just been shipwrecked and must putt your way through pirates and shark-infested waters! Search for missing treasure as you wait for a rescue crew along with the rest of the castaways. Enjoy tropical elements such as palm trees, shells, a coastal breeze, waterfalls, and flowers as you golf. Adults play for $12 and children for $11. Call (843)913-5330 today!

Myrtle Beach Family Golf

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Sunday to Saturday: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm

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