Myrtle Waves Water Park

3000 10th Ave. North, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Myrtle Waves Water Park

The best way to beat the summer heat in Myrtle Beach is as simple as slipping and sliding your way into Myrtle Waves Water Park.

Located near Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Waves is one of South Carolina’s largest and most popular water parks on the Grand Strand. Featuring more than a dozen water attractions, including water slides, tube flumes and a surfing simulator, Myrtle Waves has something for the whole family.

Myrtle Waves is best known for its water slides, especially the Turbo Twisters that tower over the park. Those brave enough to go for a wild ride reach speeds of up to 50 feet per second while spiraling down the twisting track. Three seconds of darkness only heightens the thrilling experience. Other high-speed body slides include the Riptide Rockets, the Super Chute and the Thunderbolts.

Myrtle Waves also offers several tube slides, particularly the Rockin’ Ray half-pipe flume. Solo and dual tubes allow riders to zip back and forth on the high-banked track before making a massive splash down. The Arubua Tooba gives guests the chance to swirl around in a funnel-shaped bowl before dropping out. Night Flight and Snake Mountain offer similar twisting thrills.

The Tsunami FlowRider is the biggest challenge on the property, offering new and experienced surfers a chance to test their skills on a simulated wave. But for those looking to relax and go with the flow, the Ocean in Motion Wave Pool lets guests float on waves without the ocean salt and sand. The Lazy River and Racin’ River have contrasting speeds to accommodate fast and slow lane floaters.

Children have their own attractions at Myrtle Waves, allowing them to splash and play in a safe environment. Saturation Station is a large platform featuring small water slides, kiddie pools and spraying stations, while Bubble Bay provides a spacious place to splash and play.

Myrtle Waves offers full-service concession stands, cabana rentals and a gift shop where visitors can pick up last minute items to make their day at the water park complete. Myrtle Waves opens in May and closes in September.

Myrtle Waves Water Park

3000 10th Ave. North, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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