Castano’s Italian Steakhouse

4926 Hwy 17 S, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
Castano’s Italian Steakhouse

This upscale-casual eatery on the lake at Barefoot Landing serves up a mix of Old World Italian dishes, fresh seafood and prime steaks, and a full sushi menu complete with a selection of specialty rolls.

Castano’s Food

Uniquely-named dishes (largely focused on The Rat Pack and famous fictional mobsters) fill out the eight sections of the dinner menu. Among the list of appetizers, Deano’s Crispy Shrimp are lightly fried and tossed in a sweet chili pepper sauce, while DeNiro’s Mussels are classically-prepared with white wine and garlic butter. The soup offerings are The Onion Field and their award-winning Ms. Crab Soup, while salads cover all the bases – Caesar, Chop, Wedge, Insalata, and Stack. Standouts of the pasta selection include Sinatra’s Trio, with grilled chicken, Italian sausage, and meatball, and the Mobster Ravioli, with butter poached lobster, ricotta ravioli, and their house-made sherry lobster cream sauce.

The entrée list is fourteen dishes long, featuring steaks, lamb, pork chops, veal, chicken, seafood, and, of course, eggplant. Highlights include Veal Soprano, which consists of tender medallions sprinkled in sage and wrapped in prosciutto, served over a rich risotto. Also worth mentioning is Ole Blue Eyes, a take on surf and turf that includes an 8oz. barrel cut filet and a 7oz. lobster tail with fingerling potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

From there, the menu takes a decided turn to the Far East as Edamame, Seaweed Salad, and Tuna Tataki suddenly come into view. At this point, diners who don’t have their hearts set on Italian will have a decision to make. In addition to the appetizers, fifteen different fish are available on the sushi/sashimi list and there are a handful of combination options. Next come the Regular and Specialty Rolls, thirty to choose from in all. The Regular Roll list covers all the basics – California, Spicy Tuna, Salmon – while the Specialty Rolls mostly consist of spicy and tempura-style options.

Also, the For Our Little Bambino section offers Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken, Spaghetti with Sauce, Pizza, and some other standard kids’ items.

Castano’s Atmosphere

As with most Italian restaurants looking to set a classic and elegant mood, the sounds of Sinatra and company greet guests as they enter. From there, some guests will stop at the lounge for an aperitif, others will continue into the dining room where various views of the Barefoot lake are available. For a romantic night out, request one of the private booths along the perimeter of the room.

Castano’s Italian Steakhouse

4926 Hwy 17 S, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

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Price Range: $15-20 per person

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