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Looking for the perfect place to stay for your next Myrtle Beach vacation? It's best to get to know the basics of finding accommodations on the Grand Strand and begin to learn which resorts and hotels offer the right mix of amenities and affordable rates for your family. Let our hotel experts give you the lay of the land and separate the top-notch spots from the so-so ones by diving into our Myrtle Beach hotels and resorts blog below. 

Captains Quarters Resort makes the list based on their numerous on-site amenities and budget-friendly rates.

Best Oceanfront Hotels in Myrtle Beach

If you’re planning a vacation in Myrtle Beach, odds are you have some interest in the beach. Whether you need a tan, some exercise, or just a weekend of relaxation in front of… read more »

Your kids will love it, you'll love it - let the fun begin!

Best Myrtle Beach Hotel Water Parks

Even the most dedicated beach-enthusiasts find themselves burnt out on sand and salt and sun sometimes. And because this is has always been all but inevitable, the hotel pool… read more »


Best Myrtle Beach Hotels For Golfers

For a memorable and enjoyable golf vacation, not just any resort or hotel will do. Things like on-site golf directors, roomy accommodations, convenient location, and great… read more »

One of the easiest ways to keep the kids' happy is to book a hotel or resort with on-site activities.

Myrtle Beach Hotels with the Best Kids’ Clubs

Kids can make or break your vacation. Keep them happy and reap the rewards, but fail to provide enough activity and your days of relaxation can quickly devolve into… read more »

Kids will love the numerous swimming, sliding, and splashing options at these resorts, as well as activities focused specifically on them.

Best Myrtle Beach Hotels For Kids

It seems pretty safe to say that the happier the kids are, the better the vacation turns out. And it all starts with which resort you choose. What you’re looking for is a… read more »

A cruise through a lazy river is a highly-recommended activity while you're on vacation.

Lazy Rivers at Myrtle Beach Hotels

Depending on who’s in the water, sometimes they’re lazy, and other times they’re flat out crazy. That could be said about most aquatic activities on the Grand Strand, but here… read more »

Sea Captain's House serves an excellent selection of seafood in a historic beach house, and is within walking-distance of several MB hotels.

Top Hotels within Walking Distance of Myrtle Beach’s Best Restaurants

There are good and bad things about driving in Myrtle Beach. On the positive side is the convenience of being able to go wherever you want whenever you want. On the negative… read more »

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How Myrtle Beach Got Its Name

There are names of cities and towns throughout the United States that can be found in more than one place. However, the name Myrtle Beach can only be found in South Carolina. Being a unique city name, many people often wonder where the name came from. When I moved here and there were ...

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Things to do in Myrtle Beach: September 1-7, 2015

So it rained a lot this past week, and that's not very fun, is it? Hopefully we will be seeing more sun this week, as there are a lot of fun festivals and events going on around the Grand Strand! From concerts to festivals to Harley-Davidson showcases, September is proving that summer really ...

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Things to do in Myrtle Beach: August 27-September 3

It's that time of year, folks; the time of year when kids are heading back to school. But don't let that fool you into thinking that things here in Myrtle Beach are slowing down, because they definitely are not! While the number of vacationers in Myrtle Beach may slowly start to dwindle soon ...

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5 Great Reasons to Visit Myrtle Beach in October

When most people think of Myrtle Beach, they probably think of the sun, sand, and ocean. However, what many vacationers fail to realize is that Myrtle Beach has a “secret season” and this season happens to be the fall. And what better month to epitomize the feelings of autumn than October?

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Things to do in Myrtle Beach: August 19-26

Well, everyone, it's mid-August and the summer season will soon be coming to a close. But, despite the weather cooling down and the autumn months approaching, there are still a ton of people hanging out around the Grand Strand, and a ton of events to entertain them! This week, there is an ...

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Reasons to Visit Myrtle Beach in September

Most visitors to the Grand Strand believe that the beginning of September marks the end of the summer in Myrtle Beach. While it is true that kids are back in school and many people are back to work saving up for next summer’s Myrtle Beach vacation, the lack of people flooding hotels and ...

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Things to do in Myrtle Beach: August 11-18

Though summer seems to be coming to an end very soon, Myrtle Beach still remains quite active. In fact, there are quite a few events taking place within the next week. Whether you feel like sippin' on some craft beers, reving your engine at a motorcycle competition, laughing at a comedy show, ...

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8 Great Reasons to Visit Myrtle Beach in the Fall

While Myrtle Beach is a notorious spot for spring and summer fun, many people do not realize that the off-season in Myrtle Beach is always alive and kickin’. In fact, fall in Myrtle Beach is considered to be its “secret season,” offering some of the best deals, weather, and activities of the ...

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8 Hotel Amenities That Will Make You Go “Hmmm”

Vacationers are always looking for the next great thing in accommodations. From pillow menus to indoor waterparks, travelers are expecting more from their hotels. While most hoteliers have the basics covered -- indoor/outdoor pools, cozy beds, hot tubs -- some are going above and beyond with ...

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Things to do in Myrtle Beach: July 7 - August 2, 2015

There's some complaining going on around town about the heat. But guess what? This is Myrtle Beach! And it's July! The grumbling is mostly coming from the local population - exactly the ones who should be used to it by now. But anyway, the sun is hot, we have tons of great events to ...

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Things to do

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Fun Fall Festivals Around Myrtle Beach

If you've never visited Myrtle Beach in the fall, you're missing out on some great events. Year after year, ...

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Things to do in Myrtle Beach: August 3 - 10, 2015

Well, Myrtle Beach, July is over and August is here. But don't worry; even though it seems as if summer is coming ...

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Things to do in Myrtle Beach: July 20 - 26, 2015

The area’s biggest attractions are packing their schedules with great ways to spend your days and nights in ...

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Things to do in Myrtle Beach: July 13 - 19, 2015

In addition to Mustang Week, the Grand Strand has a wealth of great events to attend over the next 7 ...

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Things to do in Myrtle Beach: July 6 - 12, 2015

As the summer heats up, the things to do in Myrtle Beach keep rolling in. This week we have ongoing festivals ...

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Things to do in Myrtle Beach: June 29 - July 5, 2015

The week ahead is full of exciting events up and down the Grand Strand, with lots of fireworks, live music, minor ...

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Things to do in Myrtle Beach: June 22 – 29, 2015

It’s hard for some people to justify leaving the beach and hotel pool this time of year, but those people are ...

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Things to do in Myrtle Beach: June 8 - 15

In addition to the live entertainment shows at the area’s award-winning theatres, special guests Jack Hanna ...

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Myrtle Beach Events Rundown: June 1 - June 7, 2015

The star of this week’s events is definitely the inaugural Carolina Country Music Fest, but there’s no shortage ...

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