15 Things Not to Do Around Your Hotel Security Guard

By Marissa Polascak • July 01, 2015
Hotel security guards have a tough job making sure the hotel property, staff, and guests are all safe.
Hotel security guards have a tough job making sure the hotel property, staff, and guests are all safe.

When booking a hotel, vacationers keep things in mind such as room size, amenities, and location. It is highly doubtful that anyone ever thinks about the hotel security guard that will be patrolling the property where they will be staying.

Hotel security guards have a tough job dealing with the heavy traffic that flows through Myrtle Beach hotels each and every day. It is their duty not only to keep the property safe, but also to keep the staff and guests safe as well.

We spoke with an ex Myrtle Beach hotel security guard and asked him about his 3 year journey working in the hotel industry. Though he gave us enough material to write an entire book, we narrowed it down to some very important points.

Here is our list of 15 things not to do around your hotel security guard:

Don’t throw things off of the balconies

This should be self-explanatory, but unfortunately many people do not abide by these rules. It is easy to throw things off the balconies, and it certainly is fun to watch them fall and hit the ground. Despite the entertainment this provides, oftentimes people get hurt or property gets destroyed from this mischievous activity. Anything from chairs, phones, lamps, glasses, food, human beings, and much more has been spilled over the bannister and left to meet a horrible, horrible destructive demise when it comes into contact with the windshield of a car or the paved sidewalk below your hotel room. Oh, and one more thing: don’t try to jump off your balcony into the pool. Just don’t do it.

Don't move your furniture out of your room

Rearranging furniture can be extremely fun, but the managers of your hotel didn’t hire you to be their interior designer, right? While it is fine to move around chairs or push beds together to make your accommodations more suitable for you and your family’s needs, it is definitely not okay to recreate your floorplan in the hallway elevator. Setting up your bed in the hallway is never a good idea either. And, please, don’t be like some Myrtle Beach vacationers and throw your furniture into the pool. That’s never a good time. 

Don’t pool hop or stay in the pools past closing

Some people will tell you that you won’t get caught pool hopping in Myrtle Beach resorts and hotels. While some places may look the other way when a beachgoer wanders into their pool, other hotel security guards make it their utmost duty to keep those who aren’t staying at the property out of the pools. Another thing that irks hotel security and hotel staff in general is when guests stay in the pools and hot tubs after the posted closing time. It’s not fun having to clean up the pool area once, but having to do it again because guests didn’t follow the rules posted on the sign? That’s not very fun either.

People are notorious for playing tricks on hotels in Myrtle Beach. But some security guards are great at observation. For instance, this hotel security guard watched a four-person truck pull up with 16 people in it, all wearing their bathing suits. Instead of walking to the beach, this group walked into the pool area thinking they would blend in with the rest of the crowd. But ah, not so.  A respectable and good security guard would kick out this group for not staying on property.

Don't be visibly intoxicated

Having fun and partying in Myrtle Beach is not against the law, but being visibly and overly intoxicated in public is. If you are stumbling around your hotel and the security guard runs into you, you better hope that he or she is in a good mood. Most times, the intoxicated guest will be sent back to their room until they sober up, but oftentimes visitors can get rowdy with the security guard which may end up in a phone call to the police department. Don’t want to upset your hotel or end up in the drunk tank on your vacation? Then don’t get too wasted.

Don’t jump up and down in the elevators

It may sound fun, but jumping up and down in an elevator can take a terrible turn. Quite often, security guards deal with kids, teenagers, or even drunk adults causing a ruckus on an elevator. While not every elevator is the same, many modern elevators have sensors in them which will cause them to stop functioning if someone tries to sway to elevator or jumps in the elevator. This can be a pain for the security guards, who, along with other staff, have to deal with the people who cause the elevator to go out of service. This, in turn, also causes issues for those who need to use the elevator and are unable to use the stairs. What a nightmare. 

Don’t take the pool towels to the beach

See that guy collecting abandoned hotel pool towels on the beach? That may be your security guard. While it’s fine to take pool towels back to your room to dry off after hours of splashing around, it’s definitely not cool to take them out to the beach. Why? Because once the towels reach the beach, they never return. That’s where your friendly security guard comes into play. He or she can be seen walking up and down the coastline picking up the towels that hotel guests so irresponsibly left behind. Believe me; no one wants to be in uniform walking through the hot sand to pick up after you.

Don’t be loud enough that you get a noise complaint

This is probably the most excessive problem in hotels. It’s understandable; you’re on vacation and you’re trying to have a great time. However, it is not necessary to be so loud that the people in surrounding rooms call the front desk to complain. On the first complaint, the security guard will come up and let you know that you need to quiet down or you may face eviction. If you get complained about again, though, the security guard may have to evict you. In some cases, this ends in the police getting called if guests are uncooperative or riled up. 

Don’t spit on people from the upper floors

This goes hand-in-hand with throwing things off of a balcony. While spitting off of the balcony isn’t as destructive as throwing solid objects, it is certainly gross and unsanitary. Imagine a nice person walking along the side of your hotel to get to their car, the pool, the lobby, etc. and feeling a sloppy loogey land smack-dab in the middle of their forehead. Or, imagine your gooey spit landing on the security guard by mistake. Whether you hit an innocent guest passing by or the security guard on the look-out, don’t be surprised if you get a knock on your door. You know, it’s easy for employees to figure out which hotel room you are in just by counting the numbers of balconies up you are spitting from. 

Don’t smoke in the stairwells or undesignated areas

Smokers, I know it must be hard to not have a smoking room or a smoking balcony, but walking to the hotel’s designated smoking area isn’t going to kill you. Cutting corners and smoking in the stairwells or other undesignated areas will most likely trigger the fire alarm. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? Wrong. Once the fire alarm goes off, the whole hotel must evacuate the building. Not only is this time consuming, but it also causes more chaos as hundreds of people try to get in the elevators at the same time and the elevators break down. Your security guard will do his or her job; however, he or she will not be very happy amidst the craziness. 

Don’t try to fist fight the security guard

Do I really need to explain this one? Okay, I guess I will. When you are causing an issue at a hotel and the security guard approaches you, they just want you to calm down and speak. He or she is not coming up to you to tackle you or slug you, so there is no need to wind up and swing. Unfortunately for some security guards, many guests can become violent and try to fist fight. It is important for security guards to be well-trained when it comes to situations like this, but it is even more important that vacationers try not to think that they are Steven Seagal, too.

Don’t sneak pets into your room

It can be a little tough finding a good pet-friendly hotel, but if your hotel doesn’t allow pets, then it is best to leave them at home. The thing about pets is that it is a little hard to hide them. People will easily spot you bringing them into your room, or see you taking them out to relieve themselves. Some pets can also be quite noisy, so it would be a little weird to hear barking in a no-pets-allowed hotel. Any report of a possible pet on property will resort in your hotel security guard knocking on your door and investigating the situation. If a pet is found with you, be prepared for a possible eviction.

Don't catch ocean wildlife and put it in the pool

Some of you may be laughing at this, but in Myrtle Beach, stuff like this is quite common. Many Myrtle Beach hotel pools are filled with saltwater, so some nefarious characters think that it is funny to take ocean wildlife and place them in pools for laughs. A specific Myrtle Beach hotel security guard told us of two separate accounts when this has happened. One time, someone took a shark that they caught and placed it in the lazy river, which resorted in this security guard being approached by a woman who said “I think there is a fish in the lazy river.”

Another time, the security guard happened to be walking around the pool area doing his rounds when he saw strange discoloration in one of the outdoor saltwater pools. When he got closer, he realized that the interesting colors in the pool were actually a bunch of jellyfish. He wasn’t able to catch the shark catcher or the jellyfish dumper but made a note to be more on top of situations like this. If these people got caught, they could have landed in some serious trouble.

Don't hang out in the parking garage

Many Myrtle Beach hotels have parking structures reserved for guests staying on property. Security guards tend to patrol these areas quite often as the parking garages are not as safe as they should be. If you’re a guest at the hotel but you don’t have a car with you, don’t hang around the parking garage. Or if you do have a car but feel like going on an adventure in the parking garage, don’t. Not only will you be questioned by the security guard, but you may be mistaken for an unsavory character. Also, don’t plan on bringing your skateboard to the hotel with you unless there is a nearby skate park. Most hotels don’t allow skateboarding on-site, and it is especially frowned upon in the parking garage. 

Don’t leave children in charge of other children

Leaving children in charge of younger children is never a good idea, especially when you are at a hotel full of strangers and dangerous places such as the pool area. This security guard has witnessed a lot of children getting lost, and children getting into trouble because of lack of parental supervision. He has also been involved in a situation where a 5 year old boy was drowning in the pool and could not be saved by his 13 year old brother who was watching him. Immediately, the security guard dove into the pool and saved the drowning boy by performing CPR. Afterwards, his parents were nowhere to be found. Parents, please don’t leave your kids alone.

Don’t try to scale balconies to attempt a burglary

Some guests have the smart idea to try to jump from balcony to balcony in order to reach a room that isn’t theirs. What reason would they have for doing this? They are trying to enter rooms in order to steal from other guests. While the people who try this think it is an awesome idea, the security guard has another understanding of it: it’s just downright stupid. Not only is it easy for you to get caught due to either the security guard spotting you or other guests reporting you, but you could also miss your step and plunge to the dirt or asphalt below. Believe it or not, people actually attempt this. Scary, huh?