8 Hotel Amenities That Will Make You Go “Hmmm”

By Cassidy Moore • August 07, 2015
From loaner goldfish to pet psychics, these are some of the craziest hotel amenities we could find.
From loaner goldfish to pet psychics, these are some of the craziest hotel amenities we could find.

Vacationers are always looking for the next great thing in accommodations. From pillow menus to indoor waterparks, travelers are expecting more from their hotels. While most hoteliers have the basics covered -- indoor/outdoor pools, cozy beds, hot tubs -- some are going above and beyond with outrageous amenities like pet psychics and expert sleep help. Check out these crazy cool amenities we found at hotels around the globe. 

(We don't know of any hotels in Myrtle Beach with pet psychics, but our partner hotels are definitely all about guest comfort and fun!)


Temporary pet goldfish

While pet-friendly amenities are increasingly popular, your dog may not be able to make it on every trip. If you can’t cozy up to man’s best friend on your next adventure, perhaps the second-best option is a temporary companion of the cold-blooded variety. The Hotel Monaco in Washington, D.C., hooks guests up with a pet goldfish to cure loneliness and help aid in relaxation.

Sleep services

Experts say that more than 40 million Americans are not getting enough sleep. The Benjamin Hotel in NYC aims to curb that trend one guest at a time. The in-house Sleep Team offer guests a suite of services, including a custom sleep consultation, to help them get the proper amount of shut-eye during their stay. They also offer the Winks’ Kidzzzz Club for the hotel’s youngest guests, which includes a child-size pillow and bathrobe and a library of children’s books.

Fashion trunk

Don’t you hate it when you pack in a hurry and leave your pearl brooch at home? Guests of The Berkeley in London need not fret. The Berkeley Fashion Trunk is available in select suites and is full of rare accessories from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, including a Chanel clutch from the 70s and a Courreges bracelet from the 1960s.

Babymoon Package

Moms-to-be can relax and enjoy some quiet time before the arrival of their baby with the Enchanted Expectations Babymoon Package at the Four Seasons in Santa Fe, N.M. The stay includes a massage, pre-natal yoga class, snacks from a special cravings menu and a baby gift.


Combine a clear mountain sky and an upscale resort, and you get a rather interesting amenity: stargazing. Guests at the Primland resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains can release their inner astronomer at the resort’s Observatory Dome throughout the year or attend a special Star Master Weekend program during celestial occurrences.

Surf Butler

Guests at the St. Regis Resort in Dana Point, Calif., can call on the on-staff Surf Butlers to take them into the Pacific for a crash course in surfing, body boarding or kayaking all on the resort’s private beach. Feeling like more of a beach bum than an adventurer? No problem — the surf butlers will also set up a cozy spot for you on the shore.


A visit to your ancestors’ homeland can lead to a longing to know more about your family’s history. Guests at the 5-star Trump International Hotel in Doonbeg, Ireland, need look no further than the on-staff genealogist, who will help trace your Irish heritage as a signature service of the hotel.

Pet psychic

Have you ever wanted to climb inside your pet’s brain and figure out just what the heck is going on in there? Pet lovers at Portland’s Hotel deLuxe are in luck. A pet psychic is available to help answer your most pressing pet questions. Also available: doggie massage books, pet room service, and a welcome treat or toy.