Eat Your Way Around the World in Myrtle Beach

By Ryan • July 23, 2014

You could travel around the world to dine on the finest international cuisine, or you could just make spend a week in Myrtle Beach and find authentic dishes from abroad and save yourself a whole lot of travel.
If you enjoy food from all over the planet, you've come to the right place. Myrtle Beach features restaurants from the four corners of the globe, or at least five of the seven continents. Sorry Africa and Antarctica, but wild game and frozen whale blubber doesn't cut it. Here are some of the best international restaurants on the Grand Strand:

* North America: Good ol' American food is on every corner, of course, from greasy cheeseburgers and chili dogs at Peaches Corner to classic country cooking and soul food at Magnolia at 26th and Big Mike's. But the most popular North American food import is Mexican, and Myrtle Beach has you covered. From Abuelo's to Bandito's Cantina on the oceanfront to Senor Frogs at Broadway at the Beach and Nacho Hippo at Market Common, great food from south of the border is only minutes away.

* South American: OK, so there aren't a lot of restaurants from our sister continent to the south, but the few we do have are top notch. The best of the best is Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse, where gauchos roam through the dining room with skewers of grilled beef, chicken, pork, shrimp and more. Guests can signal the servers with a two-sided table plaque: green for mas and red for no mas.

* Europe: The flavors of Europe are diverse, and so is the Grand Strand's lineup of food from the motherland. Italian cuisine is the most popular, and hot spots like Angelo's, Rossi's, Caio and Umberto's are among the area's best. The Library in Myrtle Beach and The Brentwood in Little River serve the finest French cuisine, and Old Vienna Cafe and Horst Gasthaus offer excellent Austrian and German fare.

* Asia: The pan-Asian and Asian-fusion fads have blurred the border lines of Chinese, Japanese and Thai, but Myrtle beach has virtually every combination. E-Noodles, P.F. Chang's and Wok on the Beach offer a little bit of everything with a focus on Chinese; King Kong Sushi, Miyabi and Yamato's have hibachi and sushi; and Black Thai, Blue Elephant and Indo Thai serve excellent tastes from Thailand.

* Australia: I hate to break the news to you, but Outback is about as Australian as apple pie. For a true taste of the Land Down Under, check out Greg Norman's Australian Grill at Barefoot Landing. Fresh seafood, excellent cuts of beef and lamb and an extensive wine list of wines from "The Shark's" native lands ensure that you will have a g'day, and a g'meal.

(posted 7/23/14)
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