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Myrtle Beach International Airport

Enjoy the expansive and breath taking new Myrtle Beach International Airport. The new Myrtle Beach International Airport will please tourists upon their arrival and departure in Myrle Beach.

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Welcome to the new Myrtle Beach International Airport. If you chose to fly into Myrtle instead of drive, you will be quite pleased with the new addition. You are here, you finally arrived and you are greeted by the new 240,000 SF passenger terminal and concourse. The new airport is easy to move about offering a modern feel with clean and open spaces. As you arrive, you are greeted with the cool blues and funky yellows and greens and the beautiful art sculptures provided by Brookgreen Gardens. You know you are on vacation when you see this welcoming scene. Head down to baggage claim and the process will be quick and easy. Now you are off to start your vacation. A new rental car facility with a pedestrian canopy was added to maximize the efficiency of the facility, and a covered exit plaza with employee facilities were added while the existing parking lot, roadway circulation and access roads were renovated and expanded. They will make it quick and easy for you to be on your way. Myrtle Beach International Airport has added 6 additional departure gates bringing the number to 13 while adding three new ground loading positions. To support the expansion, a new automated baggage handling system, and new passenger boarding bridges were added while the airport's apron pavement and taxiway were reconstructed and expanded. With the new terminal—which brings the airport up to 430,000 total square feet—come new businesses, representing a mix of the local and widely popular. Myrtle Beach International Airport serves over 25 cities directly, with seven airlines operating into and out of the Grand Strand. These carriers serve cities as far west as Dallas, as far south as Ft. Lauderdale and as far north as Toronto as well as major metropolitan areas like New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. The new check-in areas have the easy self-service check-in that makes your time in line down to almost nothing. The open design and modern spaces make you feel like you are in a big city airport, with all of the southern charm of the beach. On the baggage side there is a Boardwalk Café offering snacks and beverages. As you make your way through security and up to your concourse you will see colorful adirondak chairs sprinkled along the way. This really adds to the beach and southern charm. While you are waiting for your flight you have plenty of comfortable spaces and modern chairs as well as charging stations to keep your electronics charged for your trip. Are you hungry? Check out the colorful, fun and delicious Nacho Hippo. A cool twist on Mexican fun. How about a Steak N Shake treat or a Carabou Coffee? Don’t worry, if there is anything you forgot, the Newstand stocks everything you need. Another cool thing at the airport is the hidden art on the concourse. When you find it, try it out, it is fun for adults and kids. This art is a one of a kind in the area that has lights that move with you and the wall art changes colors when you touch it. This will keep everyone entertained while you wait on your flight.

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