10 Ways a Beach Trip Can Actually Improve Your Health

10 Ways a Beach Trip Can Actually Improve Your Health

Sure, it’s fun to hang out on the beach on a sunny day, but it’s also good for you in numerous ways.

And because many of us have indoor jobs these days, it’s more important than ever that we make time for the great ball of fire.

Also, did you know that Myrtle Beach gets more than 2800 sunlight hours per year and averages 218 clear days?

Take a look at these sunshine benefits, throw the bathing suit in the car, and come reap the rewards of a few days in the Myrtle Beach sun.

I’m So Happy

There are more scientific ways to explain this, but the sun makes us more happy by initiating a process that includes things like Vitamin D, endorphins, ultraviolet radiation, serotonin, melatonin, and plenty of other things that aren’t easy to pronounce. 

Strong Bones

Not everyone wants to be a muscle-bound meathead, but you should aim to have sturdy bones since they can help fight certain cancers. Popeye ate spinach to help stay fit, but your regimen could just include a week in the sun a couple times a year. 

The Winter Blues

There aren’t many actual winter months in Myrtle Beach, which makes it a great destination if you’re in need of a natural treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s pretty normal for people who live in less sunny places to get a little blue during the cold months, so there’s no shame in travelling to a sunnier destination to cheer yourself up a bit.

Makes Kids Taller

Researchers at Bristol University in England compiled all sorts of data from a huge period of human existence and found that taller people live longer, while other commonly-referenced studies have shown that taller people make more money, sometimes as much as ten percent more. So, since the sun has an important effect on your child’s height, why not take them to the beach? They’ll thank you now and later. 

Helps with Multiple Sclerosis

Sunlight is a good way to lessen the symptoms of MS, mostly due to the Vitamin D effects. Experts recommend 10 – 15 minutes of “all over sun” on an average day of UV rays, which means that even less time is needed on a hot summer afternoon in Myrtle Beach.  

Rise and Shine

Getting out into the sunlight early in the day helps build a strong circadian rhythm, which is the built-in 24-hour cycle that all of our bodies go through. This means that you’ll sleep better and rise at a healthy time each day. That’d be nice, right? 

Kills Bad Bacteria

Certain skin conditions are known to be lessened by direct exposure to the hot sun. These include psoriasis, acne, eczema, and fungal infections on the skin. A short amount of time (20 – 30 minutes) is recommended for psoriasis, while atopic eczema find improvement with longer stays.

Helps Lessen Body Odor

Who knew that sunlight helps sterilize your armpits and can eliminate most forms of body odor? This isn’t a topic that needs to be discussed, but who wouldn’t love to have less body odor?

Lowers Cholesterol

Sunlight converts cholesterol into hormones, and when you’re spending too much time indoors, the opposite happens. Regular trips to a sunny place are a much more exciting way to deal with high cholesterol than trips to the doctor and prescription medication, don’t you agree?

Regulates Body Temperature

If you’re a person who is normally a little bit too warm or cold, spending more time in the sun can help even out your natural body temperature.