Airplane Packing Tips For Your Myrtle Beach Vacation


Airfare booked. Hotel selected. Bags packed… Uhh, not quite. Flying to a hotly anticipated Myrtle Beach vacation couldn’t be more exciting, but getting organized beforehand can be a major drag. Never fear, we’ve got some great tips and tricks for packing light, packing smart, and leaving room for new beach-found goodies.

Suitcase savvy
With airlines charging a hefty sum for checked bags (and some for carry-ons too), it makes sense to bring fewer suitcases to save dough. It also means far less hassle getting luggage in and out of taxis or rental cars. Consider sharing a suitcase with your spouse or partner, and having the kids double up. Pack a few lightweight duffel bags to carry new purchases home, and remember to check your airline’s baggage weight limit to ensure you don’t pay a fine at check-in.

Pack smarter
Tightly roll t-shirts, shorts and swimsuits to maximize space; only bring items that can do double-duty, such as dresses or shirts that can be worn to dinner and then to the beach the next day. Plan to wear everything more than once, since most hotels have laundry services.

Buy at the beach
Toiletries, sunblock and diapers are heavy and take up a lot of space, so plan on hitting up a drug, grocery or beach store here in town as soon as you arrive. We have most of the major retail drug chains so good deals abound. Same goes for towels, hard-to-pack beach hats and toys — inexpensive rafts, beach balls and sand pails are sold everywhere down here, and you’ll be a hero if you give them away to another beach-goer before you head home.

Organize, Organize, Organize
Traveling with kids? Consider bundling each outfit your children will wear along with underwear, socks, hair bows, hats and other accessories. Put each outfit in a plastic zip-top bag so kids can easily dress themselves. Reuse the bags for wet bathing suits, dirty laundry, sandy shoes, muddy golf cleats, seashells, etc.

Be realistic
Consider what’s on the agenda while you’re in Myrtle Beach and face facts about what you’ll need. Mostly frolicking in the ocean? Pack an extra swimsuit and coverup and keep the other stuff to a minimum. Golfing daily? A couple shirts to swap in and out are a must. Hitting up the sites, attractions and shows? Take comfortable walking shoes. A light sweater or jacket is handy for cooler nights and air-conditioned restaurants. But bulky accessories and fussy outfits? Forget ‘em. Life at the beach is easy — so your packing should be, too.

What are some of your pro-packing tips? What won’t you leave home without?

(posted 3/20/14)