Best Bets for Beach Fun


Myrtle Beach has so much to offer: great restaurants, exciting attractions, miles of beautiful beaches and beachside resorts with pools, water slides, lazy rivers and more.

But if you're just looking for fun stuff to do on the beach, there's no shortage of activities to fill your day with fun and excitement. Here are some ideas:

Fly a kite
Harness and the wind and watch a kite soar in the warm beach breeze. Kites are available for purchase at many shops near the beach, and can be anything from a simple diamond kite to more complex and beautiful shapes — you can even find kites shaped like dragons or birds. Kite flying is so easy even young children can do it, although they may need an adult's help getting the kite launched in the air.

Seashell games
Collect seashells from the beach and invent your own games to play with them. The high water line is often the best place to find shells. Look early in the morning or after a storm for the best shells. On Myrtle Beach, you can find clam, scallop, cockle, oyster and other kinds of shells. Check out this beachcombing guide to help you identify them.

Once you have a good selection of shells, play a game! Try tick-tack-toe by scratching a grid in the sand and choosing two sets of shells — such as clamshells for one player and cockles for the other — to try to best your opponent.

Bocce ball
You can find bocce ball sets at local stores, too, or check with a local beach service or rental shop to see if you can rent a set. This game consists of rolling heavy bocce balls across the sand, trying to get as close as possible to a target.

Frisbee, football and more
Nothing beats tossing a ball or Frisbee on the beach. Start with short distances and work your way up to long throws. Traditional Frisbees are the standard for the beach, but the lightweight, flat disc-style toys (think the shape of Saturn's rings) can take the game up to the next level with longer flying time and greater distance.

Sand art
Find a long stick and take turns drawing fantastic designs in the sand. Try spirals, geometric shapes and flower patterns. Work together to create intricate designs. This art will disappear with the next high tide, but the beauty is in the creation, so get drawing!

(posted 5/20/14)