Fight Fat on Vacation: Keeping the weight off


If you’ve worked hard on getting swimsuit-svelte for your Myrtle Beach vacation, then it’s likely you don’t want to undo all your hard work when you’re here. We understand. We’ve been there, too. So we scoured all the best resources on the web searching for tips on keeping the weight off, even while you’re on vacation.

Here are the best tips we could find:

1. Keep it fun! Working out can be a chore, but when done right, it can also be (kind of) enjoyable. The key is to add some workouts into your Myrtle Beach vacation adventures. Put on your sneakers and head out for an early morning run on the beach. Rent a kayak and paddle an afternoon away—an hour of paddling can burn about 400 calories. You can even rent bikes and take the whole family for a ride.
2. Mix up your “cheats.” If you’ve been eschewing all carbs and extra calories for months and then start chowing on every hushpuppy in sight the second you land in Myrtle Beach, your bikini bod will feel the effects. Don’t totally ditch your healthy eating regime, just approach each day with a plan. If you know you’re going to have a couple of margaritas in an evening, think about a salad at lunch. Another good tip: Share desserts, and settle for a taste.
3. Pick a resort with a workout facility. Your Myrtle Beach hotel’s accommodations matter, and so does a good workout facility! Hot tip! One great time to sneak in a quick workout: Before dinner. If you’re thinking about a shower before dinner, why not hit a treadmill for a quick workout first?
4. Make beach games part of the action. It’s always smart to pack inflatable balls, Frisbees, volley balls, etc., for the beach. Just don’t leave the fun for the kids! Make sure you get up and play, too.
5. Take the stairs. Think about it: You don’t have to wait for an elevator, and every trip up and down can really add up.
6. Schedule some drop-ins. There are plenty of great gyms and yoga studios in Myrtle Beach. Call ahead and make a plan to drop in to a class. You’ll feel great. Not into the normal cardio classes and yoga? Try a hoop class—Ramona’s Hooping and Belly Dance classes are a fun way to work out, and sometimes the classes are even held right on the beach! Check it out at

What are your favorite tips for staying fit on vacation? Share your ideas in the Myrtle Beach travel forum!