How Does Santa Find Us in Myrtle Beach?


Dear Myrtle Beach Hotels,

My family’s going on vacation in Myrtle Beach for Christmas, and some of my friends say Santa won’t be able to find me when I’m there. Is this true?


Dear Virginia,

Your friends are mistaken. Santa can and will always find you, especially if you’re in Myrtle Beach. In fact, it’s one of his favorite places to stay when Christmas is over and he and the elves need a break. What, you didn’t know that Santa takes vacations? Oh yes. He and Mrs. Claus and even some of the elves often take a vacation after months of list-checking and working hard to assure children all over the world will find some special joy on Christmas morning. The big guy in particular is a big fan of sitting and watching the waves crashing—and you wouldn’t believe how much he loves our local all-you-can-eat buffets. Another funny thing: the elves are excellent sea-shell hunters. We suspect some of those shells make it into the gifts that end up under trees on Christmas morning.

We can’t give away all the secrets about our arrangement with Santa to make sure that he finds your room to get your gifts to you. There are security concerns; we hope you understand. But rest assured, we make sure that Santa, and only Santa, is allowed entrance to our rooms on Christmas Eve. And we’ll make sure that that’s always the case. Forever and ever.

Most sincerely yours,