Myrtle Beach Parking Made Cheap and Easy

Myrtle Beach Parking Made Cheap and Easy


Public parking in Myrtle Beach can be a pain to navigate if you aren’t a local or lifelong Grand Strand visitor. Every summer half a million people flock to the Grand Strand, limiting access to convenient parking. We have the expert advice you need to find a spot and avoid steep fines.

During the busy season, public parking in Myrtle Beach is closely monitored by meters and lot attendants. While there is free beach parking in Myrtle Beach, those spaces are limited and fill up quickly, leaving monitored lots or metered spaces the other options. Residents of Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach can avoid meter fees with a two-year parking pass. To apply for a Myrtle Beach parking pass, you must have a valid ID and proof that you’re a local resident. Myrtle Beach parking passes aren’t available for visitors, so we recommend setting aside funds in your vacation budget for parking accommodations. Pay-to-park rates in Myrtle Beach are affordable, ranging in price from $2 to $15 depending on the length of time you’re in the spot. 

Parking in Myrtle Beach might be difficult at times, but it can be easy if you know the right tips and tricks. Check out our top five tips for parking in Myrtle Beach:

1 | Park Outside of Peak Hours

Parking options in Myrtle Beach start dwindling by 10 a.m. Come noon, you’ll be circling the lot to find a space. Head out bright and early for the best parking spots along the Grand Strand. Schedule your dinner reservation for a time after rush hour traffic for more parking availability. This method pays off in more ways than one. While there are no free parking hours in Myrtle Beach proper, surrounding cities offer that luxury. Drive to the north end of the Golden Mile and take advantage of free North Myrtle Beach parking before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. all year. 

Parking outside of peak hours doesn’t include overnight. Beyond paid private lots and free parking for hotel guests, overnight parking in Myrtle Beach is not permitted.

2 | Use a Parking Meter

There are more than 1,500 metered parking spaces in Myrtle Beach. Most drivers prefer to use parking lots or the Myrtle Beach parking garages, leaving metered spaces wide open. Some city meters offer convenient all-day parking access for $15. The parking meters on Myrtle Beach city streets cost $2 per hour, while beach access and street end meters cost $3 per hour. 

3 | Download ParkMobile, Myrtle Beach’s Parking App

ParkMobile is Myrtle Beach’s app for parking. Available for Apple and Android users, ParkMobile makes planning your commute a breeze. This handy app allows you to pre-pay for parking, find available spaces, and reserve a spot in a garage, all from your smartphone. 

4 | Park a Few Blocks Away From Downtown Myrtle Beach

If you don’t mind walking, we recommend parking outside of the downtown area. Most people opt for proximity when choosing a parking spot. The farther you drive away from the city’s center, the more available parking you’ll find in private lots ranging in price from $5 to $20 per day.

5 | Find Alternative Forms of Transportation

If you want to avoid Myrtle Beach parking altogether, check out the bikes and scooters for rent around the Grand Strand. From mopeds to taxis, there are plenty of ways to navigate the streets of Myrtle Beach without getting behind the wheel.

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