Myrtle Beach Parking Made Cheap and Easy


Finding a place to stay on the Grand Strand is easy thanks to Finding a place to park your car … not so much.

With as many as a half million people and a slightly lower number of vehicles on the Strand at any point during the summer months, close, convenient parking can be a challenge, especially for those who like to get out and about during their vacation. Here are three tips to help you find a good spot for your ride:

    • People have a general dislike of parking meters, which is one of the reasons you are more likely to find an open one. If you think about it, parking meters might be the best deal on parking since you only pay for the time you need and can often finance the investment by digging around your car for spare change. The City of Myrtle Beach installs more than 1,500 parking meters March 15 through Sept. 30 and the rates are cheap by comparison to other destinations. A new Park By Phone app allows visitors to pay via cell phone. The maximum charge is $6 for a full day, which is less expensive than most lots in town and a lot cheaper than a parking ticket.

    • Myrtle Beach is nationally known for providing more free parking and beach access than any major vacation destination. Although metered and private parking dominate the area surrounding the downtown district and areas surrounded by hotels, there are several “hybrid” spots that are free and normally located at the end of numbered streets. If you get one of these in the summer, it’s like gold. The Golden Mile in Myrtle Beach than runs from 29th Avenue North to 52nd Avenue North and offers free parking at public beach accesses on virtually every block. Vehicles can be parallel parked in the outer lanes of Ocean Boulevard through this same stretch.

    • Save time and money on parking by walking a few blocks or finding alternatives to driving. For instance, folks going to the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk can drive around all day and not find a metered space right on the beach, but just one to two blocks inland you will find private lots like the one behind Mammy’s Kitchen, which offers all-day parking for as little as $5. Guests can also rent mopeds or bicycles at the Beach Bike Shop on Broadway Street in the downtown district.

(posted 4/15/14)