Cruise Around Myrtle Beach on a Rental Scooter


A Myrtle Beach moped rental is your answer for cruising down the Boulevard in the sunshine and getting to your favorite beach without breaking a sweat. A moped’s speed (or lack of) gives you plenty of time to savor the sights as you get to your next attraction, and they’re great fun for riding around the strip area with family and friends. Whether you’re new to scooters or you have one back home, you’ll be happy to discover there are many places offering moped rentals right here in Myrtle Beach.

Rent your ride by the hour, day, or week—there are nearly a dozen moped and scooter rentals in Myrtle Beach to choose from so you can get the style and price that’s best. You’ll find many gas-powered mopeds for rent that get excellent mileage around the city, and there are also companies offering electric scooters and e-bikes

The Myrtle Beach moped rental prices vary by company and style of ride. An electric scooter rental in Myrtle Beach is a cost-effective option that starts as low as $25 per day. Renting a moped will cost you a bit more, from $50 per day to up to $180 per day each, and medical mobility scooters are often a more costly option compared to a typical moped.

If you’re considering a moped or scooter rental, know that Myrtle Beach is a great location for it because the views are excellent and the attractions along the Boardwalk and other areas are in close proximity, so you can easily jaunt from spot to spot. 

Here are some facts you need to know before renting your new ride:

  • Renters must be 18 years old and must have a valid driver’s license and credit card
  • Moped drivers must have a moped operator’s license or a valid driver’s license
  • Operators and riders under the age of 21 must wear protective helmets
  • Mopeds are not allowed on any roadway with a speed limit greater than 55 mph
  • Lights and headlights must be turned on while the moped is in operation
  • Electric scooters may not be left unattended anywhere on public property

Get your vacation off to a fast (or fast enough) start and consider renting a moped or scooter while you’re in town. Rent scooters and mopeds in Myrtle Beach at these and other locations:

Super Cycles & Scooters

If you’re looking for an electric scooter rental in Myrtle Beach, Super Scooter serves areas of Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, and the greater Grand Strand. These electric scooters have been altered to abide by speed limit rules in many of the campgrounds in Myrtle Beach and make a great transportation option in busy tourist areas. Catch a break on rates with longer rentals.

Scooter Stop Rental

Scooter Stop is a luxury provider that offers convenient dropoff and pickup to make your Myrtle Beach moped rental convenient, whether you’re staying in North Myrtle Beach or right downtown. Though the rates are more expensive than some, the online rental process is easy and if you’re enjoying a 5-star stay, this upscale rental service will fit right into your plans.

Myrtle Beach Rental Superstore 

This moped rental of Myrtle Beach offers all kinds of rides and they’re conveniently located right on Ocean Boulevard. Find your low-rider or standard moped rental, or check out a golf cart to ride with your entire family. This rental is right by the beach so you won’t need to stray far from your Boardwalk hotel to find your ride.

Broadway at the Beach

You’ll find Wheelchair & Scooter Rentals of Myrtle Beach right at Broadway at the Beach. Though their selection is geared toward medical mobility, they are convenient for anyone who needs extra help navigating the shops in the area. Because this is one of the most-visited attractions in Myrtle Beach, it is a convenient spot to grab your rental. Book a scooter or moped rental in advance or stop by the shop and let the helpful team assist you.

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