Summer Vacation Pool Safety Tips


Kids love pools. Almost universally. That’s why having great pools and water attractions is such an essential component when you’re planning your family’s summer vacation. But pools can also be treacherous unless parents are diligent about safety.

You know your kids, and you know that each kid is unique, so no parenting rules are universal. But keeping a few safety tips in mind when you spend time around the pool will help assure a fun and safe vacation.

Use flotation devices.
If your kids aren’t yet strong swimmers and can’t both float in the water and swim from one side of the pool to another without any assistance, it may be a good idea to keep them in a personal flotation device whenever they’re in a pool. And remember, arm floaties are not true flotation devices—we’re talking about a well-fitted life jacket.

Keep close to your little ones.
Little kids can get overly excited about the pool and do things they know they shouldn’t, and that can include jumping into the deep end of the pool, running around slippery areas on hard pool decks, or taking off their PFDs. It will be easier to intervene if you are nearby—and that may mean getting into the pool with your kids while they swim. And really, it’s fun to get in the water and splash around with your littles!

Follow the rules at the pool.
Most pool rules are designed with safety in mind. Make sure your kids follow the rules when it comes to running, diving, pushing, etc. Hotel staff or lifeguards may be on hand to help, but they need the assistance of parents to help make sure kids understand the importance of the rules.

With these few basics in mind, and the application of your own common sense, summertime spent splashing by the pool can be a great way to make happy memories.

Posted 6/17/13

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