Taking Photos in Myrtle Beach for Great Holiday Cards


Store-bought holiday cards are a perfectly acceptable way to express Christmas cheer. But we’ve always loved fun photo cards as a way to catch up with family near and far. Of course, your vacation in Myrtle Beach is a great time to take photos for your holiday cards or postcards!

Here are a few tips for getting great shots:

• Schedule your photos for early morning or late afternoon.
Midday light is often harsh and unflattering, so be sure to schedule your photos for early in the day or late afternoon, just before sunset, also known as the “golden hour.” Your family will look fresher, and the beach will look even more lovely!
• Don’t be afraid to try something new.
We see more and more families doing fun photos on the beach, including the “jump shot” with everyone in the family in mid-leap. Why not? There’s no reason to be stuffy and staid, show off the personality of your clan!
• Go for the matchy-matchy look at your own risk.
Matched clothing in family portraits isn’t really the trend anymore. Instead of all wearing the same thing, try dressing everyone in the same color family, or just don’t worry about matching!
• Pick your background well.
We love photos taken from the beach just on one side of one of the piers—there’s something about the structure that makes the photos more interesting. But you can also take a photo with the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel in the background, or just one with crashing waves. It’s up to you!
• Give yourself time for processing.
There are plenty of services these days that make it easy to turn your family photos or professional portraits into holiday cards, right online, including Vistaprint, Shutterfly and even Walgreens. But be sure to check on timelines for printing and shipping, and if you’re using a pro photographer, ask how long the turnaround for editing will be.

Have you ever taken family photos at the beach for holiday cards? What tips do you have? Share them here!

Posted 9/27/13

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