The Best Days To Book a Hotel in Myrtle Beach

The Best Days To Book a Hotel in Myrtle Beach


Knowing the best time to book a hotel before a trip to Myrtle Beach, when to arrive, and how many days to stay will help you enjoy a great vacation for less. We understand that everyone doesn’t have the same ideas about when to take a trip and where to stay, but we also know no one wants to overpay for a vacation. Thankfully there are a few savvy tricks for booking your hotel in Myrtle Beach to save money so you have more cash to splurge on show tickets, resort upgrades, and dining out.

When Is the Best Time To Book a Hotel Room in Myrtle Beach?

We hear this question a lot, so we created a guide to help. Though there is no magic hour that automatically gives you the biggest discount, many reliable trends suggest that hotel rates are often higher when more people are looking, so avoid booking on evenings, weekends, and during holidays when people are off of work and out of school. While there are no guarantees this is true 100% of the time, comparing rates, shopping a variety of resorts and properties, and looking for hotel deals and special discounts, like those for service members, can help you avoid a budgeting blunder.

What Day of the Week Is the Best To Book Hotels in Myrtle Beach?

 Are hotels cheaper during the week in Myrtle Beach? You bet. Reservations made for a weekday are almost always cheaper than for a weekend, but deciding what day is best to book depends on the length of your stay and your arrival date. How long you need to spend in Myrtle Beach really varies based on what you want to do, see, and how many beach days you need to reach the ultimate state of relaxation. If you’re undecided, make a list of the attractions you want to visit and restaurants you have to try, and then figure out how many days it’ll take to check these must-haves off your list. From there you can choose which day of the week to arrive to get the best deal for any length of stay using our tips below.

The Best Days To Book a Hotel Room for a 3-Day Vacation

For those of you planning on spending 3 days in Myrtle Beach, the best time to visit is from Tuesday to Thursday. These days of the week are (generally) offered at the least expensive hotel rates due to lower occupancy so you can splurge on tickets to an event or select a room in a 5-star hotel for less. If you can swing a mid-week vacation like this, you’ll also enjoy shorter wait times at attractions and less-crowded restaurants too.

The Best Days To Book a Hotel Room for a 4-Day Vacation

If you’re planning a 4-day visit to Myrtle Beach, then the best time to book your hotel room is from Monday to Thursday. Since many people travel on the weekend, Friday tends to be a busy day to check out and rates tend to rise along with the incoming visitors. Checking out by Thursday will help you avoid higher rates, weekend crowds, and heavier traffic.

The Best Days To Book a Hotel Room for a 5-Day Vacation

If you think the best time to book a 5-day vacation is Monday through Friday, you’re right. Booking your trip during the week allows you to completely dodge the weekend traffic and higher rates. While you may see a spike in prices on Friday, you’ll still save compared to staying Saturday and Sunday. Many vacationers think 5 days is the perfect length of time in Myrtle Beach to experience the nightlife and beach days and spend time exploring or shopping without being in a rush.

The Best Days To Book a Hotel Room for a 7-Day Vacation

When booking a 7-day stay in Myrtle Beach there’s no way around paying higher rates on some days, but staying an entire week in a comfortable resort with oceanfront views is sure to quell any hesitation you have about the extra cost. Still, comparing rates and looking for discounts offered to guests who stay a certain number of days can help with expenses, and don’t forget about the extra value that hotel amenities can offer. Kid-friendly resorts include water features, arcades, and other entertainment options with your nightly rate, and choosing hotels near the Boardwalk within walking distance of activities and restaurants can help you cut costs on rental cars or rideshare services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days is enough in Myrtle Beach?

The consensus seems to be that 5 days is the right length for a Grand Strand vacation, but whether you are flying or driving to Myrtle Beach can affect your decision. If your budget goes mostly to travel expenses or it takes a long time to travel to Myrtle Beach, stick around for 7 days, especially if your flight leaves early or arrives late. Others who are only a short distance from Myrtle Beach or those who are frequent visitors to the Grand Strand could probably hit many of their favorite spots in 3 to 5 days.

What is off-season in Myrtle Beach?

Off-season in Myrtle Beach refers to the months when tourism is at its lowest and you can book the best deal on a discounted vacation. The winter, spring, and fall make up the off-season in Myrtle Beach, while the summer months are the peak season when you’ll find the highest rates, biggest crowds, and heaviest traffic. Visiting in January or other cool-weather months is a tactic many savvy vacationers employ to get the biggest savings on hotels and attractions while enjoying time in the Grand Strand.

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