Visiting Myrtle Beach: Pros and Cons of Flying vs. Driving


The eternal debate … the argument over whether to drive or fly to a vacation destination can be never ending. While driving may cut down traveling expenses, flying has its perks too. There are always going to be pros and cons to each mode of transportation. It’s up to you and the family to decide which method is more beneficial and will not limit vacation activities while in Myrtle Beach.

Flying Pros:

1. Are you a numbers person? Here’s the most mathematically sound way to decide whether flying or driving is more beneficial for you and your wallet. The Fly or Drive Calculator does all of that work for you. All you have to do is punch in your travel information and voila, you have solid figures on which form of transportation is more efficient for you and the family.
2. Saving time is the main reason people choose flying over driving. In order to have ample amount of time in Myrtle Beach this year, fly through the newly improved Myrtle Beach International Airport. When you know you’ll be touching down in the spacious new airport, the three-hour plane ride vs. a sixteen-hour drive (depending on where you’re coming from) may sound even more appealing. 
3. Everyone hates traffic; especially when driving through a popular destination like Myrtle Beach. Avoid the dreaded bumper-to-bumper action and book a prime window seat on the plane.
4. Racking up your frequent flyer miles is a great way to go on other vacations at cheaper prices. Sign up the mileage program at your favorite airline and reap the frequent flyer’s rewards.

Driving Pros:

1. Having to find transportation once you get to Myrtle Beach can be stressful—many people just don’t want to have to wait on shuttles and taxis.
2. With your own car, you won’t have to limit yourself to nearby activities. Having an accessible car can be extremely beneficial if you’d like to go farther afield and take a day trip to the South or North Strand.
3. Driving can turn into a vacation in itself. Stop at every attraction on the way to your destination. The memories you make will make it all worth it. Drive by the Tanger Outlets in North Myrtle Beach before checking in at your hotel. Let’s face it—you’re going to need a new top with the money you saved driving.
4. Kids come with a lot of accessories. And sometimes one carry-on isn’t enough. Driving to your vacation destination in the right vehicle gives everyone more options when packing.
5. Last but not least, the space is all yours. Renting a car or biting the bullet and taking your own car allows the freedom to say, feel and act how you want. Avoid the upright seats, and airplane germs now and forever when driving. 

Do you usually fly or drive when you visit Myrtle Beach?

(posted 2/25/14)