Top 5 Myrtle Beach Souvenirs

Top 5 Myrtle Beach Souvenirs


Myrtle Beach souvenirs remind you of sun-drenched beach days and vacation adventures, and the best ones come in handy long after you’ve arrived back home. While settling on one perfect keepsake might be impossible, shopping for it sure is fun, especially with so many great places to browse. The area’s gift shops and beachwear stores have all of the cool and kitschy souvenirs that Myrtle Beach is known for, like car decals, fridge magnets, t-shirts, towels, shot glasses, and jewelry. 

Our fans on Facebook are always showing off their awesome finds. While there’s no unanimous vote for the best souvenir, everyone agrees even an inexpensive trinket keeps travel memories fresh. If you aren’t sure what to bring home from South Carolina, look for drinkware, clothing, and collectibles that easily fit in your luggage without adding too much extra weight. 

Before you pack up and say goodbye to the view from your oceanfront hotel room or zip down the resort’s waterslide one last time, make sure you’re done shopping. Take a look at this list of the 5 best souvenirs from Myrtle Beach to inspire your selection:

1. Myrtle Beach Souvenir Mug

Myrtle Beach gift shops often have keepsake coffee mugs that make getting your daily caffeine fix extra special. And, many hotels with suites include coffee makers so you can enjoy your souvenir immediately. Myrtle Beach fan Heather W. said her mug “reminds me of watching the sun come up there.” What a great memory to remember each morning!

2. Christmas Ornaments from Myrtle Beach

There’s nothing more comforting in the middle of winter than remembering the bright sunshine and warm sand. Decorate your holiday tree with souvenir ornaments and enjoy family time together thinking back on vacations at the beach. While most gift shops do have some ornaments, Barefoot Landing is home to a year-round Christmas store with an endless selection.

3. Sweets & Myrtle Beach Signature Foods 

Since it’s too much work getting your favorite restaurant meal home, look for packaged sweets and signature foods instead. Myrtle Beach salt water taffy is an excellent gift for yourself or others. Gretel’s Candy House sells fun flavors, like passion fruit, peppermint, and even pickle in bulk so you can create any mix. As one of our Facebook fans, Lee B. recommended, bring “salt water taffy for the suckers back at the office!” Let the candies distract them from noticing you’re still in vacation mode.

Boiled peanuts are a signature food in Myrtle Beach, and if you haven’t tried any, you’re missing out on the best snack in South Carolina. Bringing a sack of these back with you depends if you are flying or driving (refrigeration is recommended), but these irresistible nuts are worth any hassle. Once you’re home, freeze them to enjoy this Southern delicacy anytime.

4. Souvenir Beach Towels

Beach towel souvenirs come in handy during vacation and once you’re home. Most shops in Myrtle Beach have a nice selection of bright, colorful designs featuring flip-flops, dolphins, and summery themes so it’s easy to find the perfect one. And, when your luggage is launched onto the baggage carousel, your souvenirs won’t get damaged.

5. Novelty Playing Cards

Choosing playing cards as Myrtle Beach souvenirs is a smart move you’ll be thankful for during your trip. Toss a deck of cards in your bag for easy entertainment at the beach or a local brewery, and play games while waiting at the airport. Showing up to poker night with souvenir playing cards gives you an in to brag about your incredible Myrtle Beach vacation, too.

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