Traveling by Air with Kids Made Easy


Lounging by the pool in the sun on vacation always seems like the best idea—that is until you think about the possible horrific scenarios that may occur getting to your destination. Traveling with young kids is never an easy task and anyone who makes it look easy most likely has plenty of incentives driving their well-behaved children. Here are a few tips that will make you the envious parent’s to all onlookers when traveling to the new and improved Myrtle Beach Airport this year: 

1. There can never be enough gum
Gum is a frequent flyer’s best friend. While most kids pretend they’re on a rollercoaster once the plane takes off—hands up and all—other kids only focus on that dreaded ear popping sensation from the atmospheric pressure. This is why it is imperative to bring a pack of fruity gum to occupy their time as the plane takes off into the air. This will prevent their ears from popping, and can even be used as a diversion tactic from chatting the whole flight.

2. Layers are essential
Constant complaints from children over if it’s too hot or too cold can be frustrating. Avoid this constant struggle by dressing your child in layers. Plane temperature is almost as unpredictable as your child’s temperament. Bringing an extra sweatshirt that can be quickly tied around their waist can potentially avoid a meltdown altogether.

3. Toys are a parent’s best friends
Selecting the perfect toy is the key to a smooth, easy flight with your child. However, there is an art to choosing these particular toys; lightweight, quiet, yet entertaining are the main requirements. This is where 90’s throwback toys, like the Koosh Ball or timeless crafts like crayons will always come in handy.

4. Safety first and foremost
Did you know if your child is 12 or under, they are able to leave their shoes on during screening at the airports? Also, more than 3.4 ounces of medically required liquids, such as baby formula and breast milk are allowed on flights. This rule benefits every mother and father and avoids the constant struggle of second-guessing how much formula to bring to avoid a fussy, crying baby. Children with medical conditions, or children who need mobility aids, there are several options that will make the transition from gate to gate easy and as stress free as possible.

5. Set the family apart
Every parent’s nightmare is the scene from the 1990 Comedy, “Home Alone.” To avoid a “Where’s Kevin?” re-creation in the family, have your children wear bright colors the day of travel. That way if they try to stray from all of the commotion at the airport, you’re the first to know.

What are some of your best tips for flying with your family?

(posted 2/26/14)